Portia De Rossi Apologizes For Gay Marriage

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Portia De Rossi has a new show – and the same old sharp sense of humor.

While promoting her new ABC sitcom ‘Better Off Ted‘ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ she debuted her PSA about gay marriage, a satiric apology to all who were inconvenienced while supporting California’s anti-gay marriage Proposition 8.

Watch the ‘Better Off Ted’ pilot.

“When I got married, all I was thinking about was my own joy for committing to love my partner for the rest of my life,” she says on the video. “I didn’t think about all the people I was hurting by getting married.”

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Earlier in the week, she answered questions on partner Ellen De Generes‘ talk show. “So I hear we are having a baby,” DeGeneres joked. De Rossi laughed and replied, “I probably should have told you before the tabloids told you.” Later, De Rossi denied motherhood. “Maybe one day I’ll want to have kids, but it’s not something we’ve talked about recently,” she said.

That’s probably a whole other video.

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