Heroes: “Cold Snap”

Expect the unexpected on Heroes (besides the whole repeated save the world storyline, that is).  Like the death of two major female cast-members before the season finale!  Sexist, much?  Last night’s episode also delivered on the big reveal of the identity of Rebel.  Keep this momentum up show-runners, and maybe I’ll start loving this show again like in the old days.  Until then, I remain your faithful, devoted, cynic of a TV watcher.  Hey, better than a hater, right?  So let’s get to it.  And no, I will not just blurt out the aforementioned names now, all you spoiler fiends.  Where’s the fun in that?  Hint, not Claire Bear.  Sorry.

We start with close-ups of Danko washing and shaving his pale, pasty, bony face.  No thanks.  He’s interrupted by the front door alarm and picks up his gun.  But the intruder isn’t of the pillage and steal variety.  It’s that old creep Doyle hanging like one of his very own puppets in Danko’s living room with a ribbon and note saying it’s a gift.  From Rebel perhaps?  Guess that second chance Claire gave him only lasted so long.  Speaking of Claire, her dear old (adoptive) dad, Noah gets into the car with Angela who informs him this is their last meeting as it’s no longer safe.  They discuss handing Rebel over to Danko to earn his trust and part ways.  Back in D.C., Danko brings Mohinder in for a tour of the lab where everyone with abilities is sedated, including a very sick Daphne.  But it turns out Danko was just toying with Mohinder and knocks him out to join the rest of his friends.  What was the point of that?  Noah comes in soon after and tells Danko that he’s on to Rebel but needs to use Tracy as bait.  Danko agrees on the condition that if it doesn’t work, Tracy be killed, which is a natural decision seeing as Danko loves killing and being overall creepy.

Hiro and Ando have their hands full babysitting baby Matt Parkman.  I’m thinking that if and when this show is cancelled we need a Hiro/Ando spin-off, where day-care is their cover.  Am I right or am I right?  Ando and Hiro discuss the logistics of how Matt came to be trapped in baby form before seeing a picture and realizing this is just his son.  Hiro is wary of the baby and Ando thinks that Hiro may just be scared of babies.  Hiro maintains that’s not true – he’s just meant to save the world and not diapers.  Gotta say, I’d feel the same way.  They battle their points back and forth all the while missing the fact that baby Matt seems to have a power of his own.  He can turn the TV on and off and even picks the channel showing his Daddy on the news as a supposed terrorist.  It’s only after baby Matt turns on an unplugged TV that they realize baby Matt is really “Baby Touch and Go.”  Is that like Tickle Me Elmo?  Either way – the demonstration comes to an end as Matt’s ex-wife Janice comes home.

Angela sees a vision of her driver being shot and officers taking her and is able to slip out of her car just before it actually happens.  Noah reports to Danko that they lost her but quickly move on to the fact that Rebel has moved in to free Tracy, setting their plan in motion.  She makes her way out and into the lab waking up Mohinder, Matt, and Daphne, but doesn’t want to be slowed down and takes off on her own once they all make it out.  Her first stop as a free, fugitive, woman?  The department store of course!  As she’s trying on new duds there’s a knock on her dressing room door but it’s no sales associate; it’s Noah, blackmailing her to get to Rebel for her promised freedom.  Matt and Mohinder meanwhile rush Daphne to the hospital where Matt pretends she’s his wife and the victim of duck hunting gone bad.

And now – here it is – or I should say, here HE is – Rebel!  Tracy is called to the ATM where she gets her next tip.  As she takes off for her next stop via Rebel we see a short, curly haired, kid close by.  It’s MICAH!  As in Tracy’s doppelganger Nikki/Jessica’s son!  And he’s going through puberty!  How cute was it when his voice cracked while hailing a cab.  Aww, Micah!  Your mom would be so proud.  And it all makes so much damn sense I can’t believe I didn’t realize it sooner.  Rebel hacks into any system – that’s Micah’s power – he can manipulate any electronic device.  Duuuhhhh.  Anyway.  Back to the show.

Angela meets her old friend Millie in some snobby restaurant looking a hot mess – actually a wet mess from the rain.  Hardly her old rich, stuck-up self.  On top of it she’s there to beg for money.  Oh how far they fall.  Hiro and Ando tell Janice they know her baby is special and bring her up to speed on everything happening with the fugitives, and the company, and blah, blah, blah.  They warn her that the baby is in danger as the cops show up looking for him.  They’re about to search the place when Hiro takes Matt without knowing Baby Touch and Go works in bringing back his powers!  He stops time but can’t teleport so he has to drag a frozen Ando for 12 miles to the nearest bus stop.  Better than nothing!   When time starts Hiro and the baby are fully bonded and are ready to find big Matt Parkman.

Daphne wakes up in a hospital room decked out for Gwen Stefani thanks to Matt’s mind tricks.  But instead of thanking him for saving her life she dumps him with the old – just because you dreamed we’d be in love from a spirit walk doesn’t mean enough to me and nice meeting you – excuse and takes off.  I hate when I get that, too.  Daphne takes off for Paris and is admiring the Eiffel Tower when Matt shows up displaying his new ability of flight.  Hey, now, when did this happen?  Something is fishy here.  She finally gives in to his charms and agrees to take a fantasy flight around Paris when it dawns on her that’s exactly what this is – a fantasy – and he’s in her mind giving her a storybook ending before she’s about to die.  They fly off to the moon before Matt finally pulls back to let her go and she flat-lines.  Sad.  I liked her.  She had sass.  Poor Parkman.

Tracy meanwhile goes to the locker directed by Rebel and finds a passport and Micah waiting for her.  She flips because she sold him out without knowing it was him.  So anyone else would have been okay?  Micah thankfully agrees with me but still leads her out by hacking into the building, but it’s too late.  They make it to the car garage but Danko’s team is hot on their heels.  Tracy instructs him to turn on the sprinklers and leave in a plan to sacrifice herself.  As the swat team prepares to shoot she becomes a human ice vacuum, freezing them all, including herself into one big ice sculpture.  But not one you’d want at your wedding.  Micah makes it out just before Danko and Noah arrive after it’s all said and done and frozen.  Danko shoots Tracy’s ice form into ice cubes and that’s officially the end of Tracy Strauss/Nikki/Jessica Sanders.  Or is it?  We thought Ali Larter was dead after Nikki and Jessica were.  Anyone think she’ll be back?  I personally think she’s had her run.  Peace out.  And there you have it, death two of two.

Back in New York Angela is a paranoid mess.  She should be – two people already died tonight.  She runs into an elevator with some scary suits chasing her.  They’re about to force her elevator cart open when Peter swoops in and flies her out to safety in the crown of the Statue of Liberty.  That’s where I would go too.  What’s next, she asks?  I’m not sure.  Maybe the Sphinx?

Well, well, what a night.  Two deaths, one big reveal, and Hiro and Ando babysitting.  Not bad.  Not bad at all!  So – what do you think?  Shocked?  Surprised?  Or just bored?

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