Melissa Rivers: “Claudia Is Nothing More Than A Beauty Bully”

Episode number 4 of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice‘ is in the books and so is Claudia. As our project manager this week, Claudia was in way over her head. Everyone on the team had to rescue her, me the most. Which also explains her lashing out at me. She was trying to cover up for a poor job as our P.M.

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Claudia decided to use the show as an excuse to get away with character assassination. She had some pretty harsh remarks about me and I’d like to clarify her thoughts…

  • Yes, I’ve had my nose done.
  • Yes, I’ve had my boobs done.
  • Yes, I’ve had botox in my forehead because I furrow my brow a lot.

But you know, looking around the boardroom at the men and women on both teams, I was thinking, who here hasn’t used botox? Next week look closely at the men and the women. Several of them have hair extensions and I’m proud to say, I’m not one of them. Claudia also commented that my face is “frozen.” Technically, I wouldn’t say that since at least 90% of the shots of me are my full-on reactions.

As for Claudia, the reality is that she’s nothing more than a beauty bully. Once I realized that Claudia was on the attack for me, I figured out how to handle the situation. And that’s by not reacting to her. Which is the only way to treat a bully.

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For whatever reason that day, Claudia woke up angry with the sole intention to get me fired. Winning seemed second to her. Interestingly enough, a similar thing happened that day with Dennis Rodman. He came in hating Clint Black. Their morning confrontation completely caught our team by surprise. Watching the explosion I had two thoughts. First: Dennis is going to beat up Clint. Second: Do it Dennis! As everyone will see in the upcoming episodes, Clint is the biggest diva on the show. It’s his way or the highway. If you don’t go his way, he just sits down and that’s that.

The reality is for this task Claudia just didn’t have a legitimate handle on producing, and I did. That’s what I do for a living and she fought me every step of the way. It’s an easy rule on Celebrity Apprentice; know what the people who you’re working with do at their job. We all do something unique, that’s why we’re on the show in the first place.

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While I’ve produced a countless numbers of television shows, I’ve never put on a huge live show like the one we did for our task featuring the ACN Video Phone. Our team could have really used the help of Tionne with this one. I kept trying to get her involved, but that wasn’t aired in the episode. I thought, “If the men are coming at us with a live performance from Brian McKnight, we need to come at them with a performance from Tionne.” But Claudia refused. She flat out said, “I don’t think Tionne’s voice is up to it.” We all looked at Claudia with the same expression, “Are you kidding me???”

[iframe 420 355]

As for not pulling out victory number four in as many weeks, there’s a simple answer. You can work your hardest but you can’t win them all.

The sad thing is that at the end of the day, our loss helped the women’s team dissolve into some bad high school lunchroom drama. Athena lost a player this week and as they say in one of my favorite movies, Heathers, “My teen-angst now has a body count.”

See you next week!

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