Jim Gaffigan: Funny Fast Food Junkie

Jim Gaffigan is hilarious. That’s the bottom line. His comedy speaks and reaches everyone of every age. It’s not offensive, it’s not insulting, it’s just funny. In addition to his starring role on TBS’ ‘My Boys,’ Jim’s new special, King Baby, airs March 29th on Comedy Central. Filmed in Austin, Texas at the final stop of his sold out 2008 tour, this is one show you cannot miss. The King Baby DVD and CD will both be available March 31st.

On March 29th at 9pm et/pt, where will you be watching your special?
The plan is being here in LA with my wife and kids. I know my kids will be caught up in watching the first five minutes of it saying, “It’s Daddy… Then they’ll be like, can we get popcorn?” I’ve seen it so many times that I don’t want to watch myself anymore, but I’m obsessed with getting other people to watch it. I’ll probably be Twittering during it.

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I’ve been following you on Twitter.
Thanks, I just added Fancast to my Twitter page. For a while I was into the Twitter thing, then I wasn’t, now I’m back again

Just as funny as your daily Vlogs on Youtube promoting the special, are the video responses you get.
The video responses were a surprise. It was never intentional to happen, it’s so cool to see a video of an 8 year old doing my material. I think most comedians would admit that you do stand-up because it’s really fun to make a room full of strangers laugh, and we like the art and creativity that goes into writing a joke, but other benefits, like an 8 year old posting a video, those are amazing.

Do you remember the first joke you ever wrote?
Not so much the first joke but I remember always making my family laugh. I came from a funny family and I used to make them laugh with an impression of my dad. Then we moved when I was in the fifth grade and I was thinking, I need to add an adjective before “pale,” so I would be “the funny pale guy” as opposed to just the pale guy.

You transitioned from being a copy editor in advertising to becoming a comedian. How did that background benefit you?
I’m grateful for it. Having worked in advertising, there’s a part of me that looks at something, like a joke or video I shot, and how I will edit it. Sometimes I also just want to turn the marketing off. It’s fun getting the material out there, that’s what it’s really about, not the promotion. I never want to be known as the guy who people say, “Wow, that guy can really promote his shows when he’s appearing in Atlantic City.”

It’s cool that you can reach your audience every day with your use of the internet.
I like being accessible. I’m one of the few comics that never wanted to be a “rock star.” With comedians there’s a pretense that they all have this brooding pain about them. While I’m a big grumpy guy, there’s not this brooding angry comic thing happening with me. I like relating to people.

Your comedy is of the type that everyone can relate, and that’s rare.
Thanks. My comedy is as accessible, as am I. After my shows I do a meet and greet with the audience. A friend of mine who opens my shows told me that this is exactly how they do it in Country music. Now I don’t a thing about Country music, but apparently that’s a big deal, the accessibility of the musicians with the audience after a show.

I’ve noticed the vibe of the audience at your live shows isn’t we’re watching you, it’s more like we’re all just hanging out together.
I like to think of my comedy when I’m performing as having one big conversation with everybody.

Have you seen Jimmy Fallon’s show?
I saw some clips from the first one. Talk about stepping right into the crosshairs. Some people were so unforgiving on any mistake he made. He has a huge opportunity to disprove them on so many of those points. And he will.

It’s a busy month for you, ‘King Baby’ airs on Comedy Central March 29th, and the 3rd season of ‘My Boys’ begins airing on TBS March 31st, how has the sitcom experience been?
My Boys is fun. It’s a nice break from stand-up but I’m very much a hired gun. On the road my family generally isn’t with me, but when I film the show, they come to LA for two months. It’s nice for all of us to get out of New York in the dead of winter. I will always love acting but it’s a very different experience having someone give me lines. I’m used to stand-up where I’m the writer, performer, and director who is putting a whole show together for an hour in a theater.

What are you watching on TV?
Since I’m happily married, there’s a lot of compromise with shows. I like Flight Of The Conchords, Big Love and True Blood. I like all the HBO shows. Nightly, I watch Hardball and The Rachel Maddow Show. Some shows like House and 30 Rock I know I’d like, but I’m even too lazy to set my DVR. I’ve DVR’d House before, but then all of a sudden I have 40 of them to watch. There are only a few shows at a time that I can make a commitment to with having a wife, kids and being on the road. I’m very jealous of friends that tell me, “Yeah, I just watched the whole first season of 30 Rock.” To me it sounds like I would need at least half a day to do that.

With all that’s going on, I don’t see you having that much free time.
I wouldn’t know where to squeeze it into my schedule. Especially, since I’m somebody that really likes doing nothing. I’m always trying to squeeze doing nothing into my daily schedule.

“Jim Gaffigan: King Baby” premieres Sunday, March 29 at 9:00 p.m on Comedy Central. Encore presentations air Sunday, March 29 at 10:00 p.m. and Tuesday, March 31 at 10:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.

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