Sean Penn as Larry in Farrelly’s “Three Stooges”

In some “holy crap” news, two-time Academy Award winner Sean Penn has signed on to star as Larry Fine in Bobby and Peter Farrelly’s comedy The Three Stooges. Not only that, but they’re trying to get Benicio Del Toro to play Moe and a fattened-up Jim Carrey to play Curly.

Carrey is no surprise, given their history with Me, Myself & Irene, but how’d they get Penn and Del Toro interested? It’s not even some kind of searing biopic – it’s a straight comedy, as if the Three Stooges were just putting out another movie with new Stooges. Is it the allure of getting to slap faces and poke eyes that powerful, or is the script just that much fun? Either way, this really changes the perception of the project. What once was a dubious proposition that has taken the Farrellys more than a decade to get off the ground now seems to have genuine interest and a real hope to be something special.

Penn and Del Toro teaming up for this would be a vastly different kind of movie than we’d expect from them, such as their previous Oscar-nominated effort 21 Grams. Watch it for free in its entirety right here on Fancast.

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