A ‘Monk’ Return, Richter Reunites With Conan, Lauren Conrad Losing Her Fashion Line,

A Monk Return: Monk is getting his sidekick back. Bitty Shram, the detective’s voice of reason, is coming back to Monk for the serie’s final season. She left halfway into season three, but it is unclear if her exit had to do with contract concerns or if producers wanted a change in the plotline. Regardless of the reasons, the cast is looking forward to her coming back. “Bringing some closure to Sharona is long overdue,” said Tony Shalhoub (Monk).

Richter Talks Conan: Andy Richter is excited to come back to Conan O’Brien’s side, but he’s also guarded. “The only down side was I felt like I might have to eat some crow from some of the more snarky members of the entertainment press,” he admits. “But then I thought, ‘Crow can be prepared in very delicious ways. Crow burrito. I love burritos!’ “

Conrad’s Fashion Faux Pas: Lauren Conrad hasn’t nixed her clothing line completely, as was reported yesterday. “The collection will continue,” said her rep. “She is just taking a few seasons off.” Conrad had previously indicated that the reason for her decision was the recession.

Octo-Mom Gets Blasted: Gloria Allred was on the Today show this morning speaking out against Nadya Suleman. She denied the Octo-Mom’s claims that the Angels in Waiting nannies were spying on her and suggested that she spends very little time with the babies. “There’s only a few hours beyond the time when the cameras were rolling that she actually came into the nursery when she was there to care for her babies, and that’s wrong.” Suleman will confront Allred on Dr. Phil today and tomorrow. Watch Gloria Allred talking Suleman on Today.

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