Who Has The Filthiest Mouth On Samantha Who?

Bad Apple-gate: What does Christina Applegate like to do when the cameras aren’t rolling on the set of Samantha Who? Tell dirty jokes and listen to the Christian Bale remix on repeat, that’s what.

Applegate, who plays the show’s titular amnesiac Sam Newly, joked about the raunchiness on the set of her ABC comedy, saying “If you have virgin ears, our set is not a good place to be.” So what’s the filthiest thing that’s been said or done in between takes?

“I can’t even tell, because it’s actually almost too disgusting,” Applegate confessed.

The main offenders are usually her and fellow female co-stars Jennifer Esposito and Melissa McCarthy, much to the dismay of Applegate’s on-screen mom, Jean Smart.

“She doesn’t like cussing, so we try to cuss around her as much as we possibly can,” she joked. “We like to see how disgusted everyone is by us.”

As for the Christian Bale remix, Applegate said she got the idea to play music on set following an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last year.

“When she [Ellen] comes on they play music, and it makes everyone so happy. So I came back to set and said ‘from now on we’re going to have music.’

“So in between scenes we always have music blaring. In fact, they have speakers all over set,” she explained.

Last season Kanye West’s”Golddigger” was on permanent rotation, but now, Applegate said they kicked it up a notch, listening to the now famous expletive-riddled techno-remixed Christian Bale rant nearly every day towards the end of shooting the current season.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Samantha-Who/96141/1051126828/Samantha-Who%3A-Lacroix-Sneak-3-26/embed 420 355]

As for the current season, which returns from a mid-season break on a new night and time – tomorrow at 8:30 PM – Applegate said there is plenty to look forward to, despite the fact that ABC has only committed to airing six out of the eleven episode’s they’ve shot.

“The six are really strong, but I think some of the other stuff we did was fantastic,” she said.

“What I like about what we did in the second half of our season is really give a life to everybody else. There is some great stuff that Jennifer Esposito has that’s really remarkable, and showcases how good she is.”

That “stuff” will include a continuing storyline involving Andrea’s (Esposito) “romance” with a pro-basketball player whose sexual orientation comes into question (see above video).

As for any misgivings about the new day and time, Applegate said she doesn’t quite understand the decision, but is merely “grateful,” to be coming back at all, adding “I hope we do well in this timeslot. If we do, the rumor is they’ll show all eleven episodes.”

Samantha Who returns Thursday, March 26th at 8:30 PM on ABC.

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