Get To Know American Idol’s Adam Lambert

This season on American Idol, one of the most unique, talented and buzzed about contestants is Hollywood hometown hero Adam Lambert. The judges have gone back and forth between gushing over his daring inventiveness (Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul) and lambasting his obvious show tune background (Simon Cowell). But AI fans know the score… Adam lambert is blazing hot!

With a Rock God set of pipes, smoldering Elvis pout and a fashion style straight off the glam magazine rack, Adam Lambert struts with superstar confidence straight out of the Central Casting pipeline for overnight success stories. But, as is so often true, the road to fame has been a long, gritty climb.

Here are some things Adam has to say himself about his fantastic tale.

On the road to fame:

Adam tells Joe’s Place Blog he’s wanted to be an entertainer since he was 10. He took private voice lessons and appeared in musicals – “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” and “Grease” at the Starlight, the Lyceum and other local venues.

After high school, he moved to Orange County for college – and lasted about five weeks. “I just decided that what I really wanted to do was try to work in the real entertainment world. Life is all about taking risks to get what you want.”

He moved to Los Angeles and did the starving artist thing – cruddy apartments, cruddier paychecks – and landed an understudy spot as Fiyero in the cast of “Wicked.”

In the last couple of years, he said, “I’ve been branching out, doing my own music.” He was in a rock band, did session work, “and it’s just been kind of a natural progression. I know now that I want to make it in the recording industry.”

Star World asked Adam, “Why did you audition for American Idol? After all, you already had a successful career in musical theatre.”

“The cool thing is that Idol is finally allowing me to be myself. Now I get to finally sing the kind of music that I like to listen to. I mean, I don’t listen to show tunes in my spare time, I can assure you. The musical theater experience was just a way to pay the bills. I mean, we all have to have a job, right?”

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Who’s Adam’s Favorite Idol?

Adam tells The Miami Herald, “I think David Bowie has been a really, really, really cool artist. Just considering that he has reinvented himself, he took a ton of risks, both visually, lyrically, and musically. Obviously vocally we’re very different, but I think that along those other lines we have some similarities, and someone like that is a great model for me.”

Some fans are already calling the singer a possible Jonas Brother. “I’m like the older evil step-brother,” he told AccessHollywood.

The singer’s edgy looks have also garnered comparisons to the vampires of “Twilight,” and Adam was quick to proclaim his love for the film and books.

“Maybe I’ll be in a movie, let me just put that out there,” he said. “I follow the ‘Twilight’ books and I love them, so I’ll be costuming myself like crazy.”

Sounds like Adam Lambert is sticking to his plan. Follow along with Fancast as his story unfolds along the road to the finale on American Idol.

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