TV’s Most Embarrassing Moments

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The ladies of The View have never ben shy about their personal lives, and that’s one of the reasons why viewers can’t get enough. As den mother, Barbara Walters has mostly stayed above the fray, letting her younger cohorts titillate America. But on Monday’s edition BaWa took over for an under-the-weather Whoopi Goldberg in the “let-it-all-hang-out” department when the conversation turned to “luxury items.”

Bawdy school teacher-turned comedian Joy Behar blurted out her must-have – “you mean a vibrator?!” and to everyone’s amazement Walters for once did not move to strike. A refreshingly open discussion followed about the merits of grown-up playthings, and the girls all had a good laugh when Behar admitted “I’d rather have a vibrator than a defibrillator!”

Nothing to be embarrased about, right?

Tell that to MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski. On Tuesday’s Morning Joe, Mika got a look at the clip and, according to Page Six, she prune-faced a reaction. “I’m uncomfortable,” she said. “That just wasn’t right . . . and I don’t need to hear that and that was just totally . . . “

“Barbara Walters is allowed,” guest Tina Brown piped in. “She can do it.” Cool. And who knows luxury better than Tina Brown?

Yesterday Barbara continued in her newly breezy style and forgave Mika her prudishness. “I think Mika is very adorable and very smart . . . and she has a face like she had just eaten the most sour apple and she is plainly disgusted with me and doesn’t want to have this kind of raunchy discussion.”

“Maybe we should send Mika a vibrator!” “View” co-host Sherri Shepherd offered. “On that note, I have nothing more to say, Mika,” Walters said. “I still think you’re wonderful even if I disgust you.”

Problem solved. Very maturely too. Of course that got us thinking about some other embarrassing moments on TV which didn’t have such a happy ending.

Here’s a few of the best:

Joe Namath On Monday Night Football

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Janet Jackson On The Super Bowl

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Paris Hilton On The Late Show With David Letterman

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And of course…

Tom Cruise On Oprah

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