Even “Quantum of Solace” Director Says Bond Should Lighten Up

One of the knocks on Quantum of Solace was that it was too bleak and ominous for the 007 series, which have traditionally been breezy quipfests. Director Marc Forster was breaking new ground for the franchise in making a direct sequel to Martin Campbell’s Casino Royale, since the previous films had all been stand-alone adventures, and showing us James Bond’s rather unique and violent grieving process at the loss of a woman he loved gave Bond more emotional depth than his usual portrayals do. With that journey taken, even Forster says the next installment in the franchise will need to lighten Bond up again.

“For me, I wanted to take it to a harder and darker place, but now that that journey I’ve gone on has succeeded, I feel like the next one can take it to a bit more humorous place again,” Forster said. “I feel like next time you should take it in a lighter and more humorous way, maybe add a few more girls and a bit more sex – all that kind of stuff. I think that would be interesting.” Forster has made it clear that he doesn’t want to be the guy to do it, though. “The pressure is so intense — it’s a year of not having a life. And I don’t know if I want to do that again. I feel like life is short, you have to find a balance.”

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