In Update Of Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos,’ Discovery Teams With Stephen Hawking To Explore Universe

Hopefully, Carl Sagan, the late great astronomer whose 1980 TV series ‘Cosmos: A Personal Voyage‘ became the most viewed PBS program in history (click on the above picture to watch it), is smiling at news that Discovery is tackling the mysteries of the cosmos with another great scientist, Stephen Hawking.

The cable network announced it’s launching ‘Stephen Hawking’s Universe,’ a three-part documentary that will explore the history of the universe. Just as Sagan entered into some questionable territory with his beliefs about extraterrestrial life, Hawking’s series will end with the potential for time travel.

Watch ‘Cosmos.’

“This ambitious series explores some of the most fascinating aspects of cosmology and I am pleased to bring these theories to a new audience,” Mr. Hawking said in a statement. “I hope these visions of the universe will evoke a sense of wonder for everyone, and maybe inspire a new generation of cosmologists.”

“We are breaking the mold of documentary filmmaking and storytelling in ‘Stephen Hawking’s Universe,’” John Ford, Discovery Channel’s president-general manager, said in the statement. “Visualizing the universe through one of the greatest minds on the planet is an incredibly challenging prospect.”

Sagan’s landmark series, which took viewers “to the edge of the universe aboard a spaceship of the imagination,” unfolded in 13 parts. Sagan’s favorite topics included the origins of life, the search for life on Mars, the lives of stars, and the danger of mankind technologically self-destructing. The entire series can be viewed on Fancast, starting with the opening episode below.

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