ABC’s New ‘Shark Tank,’ Biggs, Dreyfuss To CBS, Timberlake on Oprah And More

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Timberlake Spills The Beans on Oprah: Ladies can rest easy now that Justin Timberlake has confirmed that he is still not engaged to Jessica Biel. The crooner told Oprah on Friday, “I’m not engaged. If she’s engaged, we have a problem,” adding that she’s his “muse.” The singer also added that his most favorite moment last year was his time on Saturday Night Live, when he dressed up as one of Beyonce’s back-up dancers for her video ‘Single Ladies’. “I’d say pantyhose and a leotard is up there,” he joked. Watch the video above.

Lipstick Jungle Officially Dead: Although originally claiming that the fate of Lipstick Jungle was still up in the air, Brooke Shields has now confirmed that the show has officially gone belly up. “It was going to stay and we just were officially told it’s finally not coming back,” she said, adding that “It literally just happened.” What’s next for her and the rest of the cast? “We’re all kind of reeling and trying to figure out what our next move is.”

Biggs & Dreyfuss To TV: Mary Steenburgen will be starring alongside two other popular film actors on CBS’ ‘Happiness Isn’t Everything’. Jason Biggs and Richard Dreyfuss will join her in the series that follows a family enmeshed in each other’s lives. Dreyfuss and Steenburgen portray the loony parents to Biggs and Ben Schwartz.

ABC Snags Sharks: The economy might be tanking but reality shows are here to stay. ABC has greenlit ‘Shark Tank,’ a series that pits struggling entrepreneurs against each other. These men and women go face-to-face with multi-millionaire philanthropists who could potentially turn their fledgling business ideas into a reality. The reality show will be an American version of the UK hit, Dragon’s Den.

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