Hell’s Kitchen Exit Interview: LA Versus Lacey, A Double Elimination and A Hell’s Bakery Spinoff?

There was a double elimination on Thursay’s Hell’s Kitchen, but what’s most surprising is that one of the booted ladies seems to have no hard feelings against the hot-headed chef.

One of LA’s most memorable experiences on the show involved a happy Chef Ramsay – when a customer sent back a plate of spaghetti but Ramsay sided with her. “And he came up to me and said they sent it back but I told the guy he was stupid and it was perfect and they don’t know what they’re talking about,” she explained. “That was a real high point for me. I got a compliment from him and when that happens you’re on cloud nine.”

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The nixed chef also told us that the cast now gets along pretty well, and recently took a trip together to New York thanks to the Epicurious.com challenge that her team won. “There was no bad feelings we all just had a good time and that was it. We’re all pretty humble and still talk to each other,” she said.

But as we all know, there was one contestant that didn’t seem to make too many friends with the other contestants. “The only person who nobody talks to I believe is Lacey. So you could understand that,” added LA.

How does Lacey herself feel she was portrayed on the show? “Everything I said and did I own up to,” she told us this morning. “I did whine and complain a lot. I was kind of clueless there on some things…Was it edited bad? I did what you saw. None of those people know who I am. And when you get in that situation you really don’t act like yourself.”

“If we’d all met under different circumstances, like out at a bar together,” she said when asked if she had gotten along with anybody on the show, “we would have gotten along fine. It’s just the pressure of the situation that kind of makes people go a little bit crazy”

And what would she do if she had a chance to pitch her own show? “I don’t know that’s a tough question. Because now I’m actually a cake decorator…so I think I’m going to pitch the idea to Fox to do Hell’s Bakery. I could totally see that,” she joked. And so can we!

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