In Freewheeling Q&A, Bill O’Reilly Says Liberals Hate Fox “Because We Beat Their Brains Out”

Bill O’Reilly should interview himself. Talk about giving entertaining answers.

In a freewheeling Q&A with the Hollywood Reporter‘s Paul Bond, the Fox talkmeister tackled all subjects including his toughest interview (President Bush), his favorite TV show (’60 Minutes’), and CNN (he actually likes Wolf Blitzer and thinks Anderson Cooper is “an honest guy”).

As for his problem with NBC, he said, “They’re dishonest people who do a lot of damage. They put out a product — MSNBC — that is hateful, and they’re doing it solely to make money.”

Asked why so many liberals hate Fox News, he said, “Because we beat their brains out and their representatives can’t stand up to us, so of course they’re not going to like the situation.” It’s pure O’Reilly, who also serves up opinions on venerable White House reporter Helen Thomas, CBS anchor Katie Couric (“she’s been unfairly criticized’), Sean Penn (he won’t see Penn’s movies), his favorite actors (Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, early Al Pacino), and what it was like to go from a high school teacher to cable’s No. 1 star.

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“I did it the hard way,” he said. “I went back to school, got a master’s degree from Boston University in broadcast journalism. I took a job in Scranton, Pa., and I worked hard. I took chances and did what I had to do. It’s the great American story. That’s why “Bold Fresh” (his latest book) is so successful, because if I can do it with my personality, so can anybody.”

And that’s O’Reilly on O’Reilly.

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