Jordana Spiro Throws Out New Season Of “Curveballs” On My Boys

The sitcom isn’t dead, it’s sometimes just a little tricky to find. While network comedies like The Office and 30 Rock get much of the hype, Jordana Spiro has led the quirky ensemble cast of My Boys on TBS for two seasons.

With Season 3 kicking off Tuesday night, I caught up with Spiro recently for a quick chat about what could be in store for the will-they-or-won’t-they couple, PJ and Bobby, how the economy has impacted the new season, and her experience working with Jeremy Piven on the upcoming film, “The Goods: The Don Ready Story.

Watch clips of My Boys here.

Congratulations on the new season. I hear it’s going to be a little shorter than usual?
Yeah, I think (shorter) than all of us would like. It’s just nine episodes this time around.

Is that due to the economy?
I think so. It seems like a lot of shows are cutting back these days. I’m just happy we’re not filming on camera phones and posting it on YouTube.

What can you tell us about PJ and Bobby?
They really left me with egg on my face. I’m not allowed to say a damn thing. She does get herself into a real-life relationship this season, so we’ll get to kind of play with all the little problems that come with that. Little things like jealousy and people that come into your lives that are a little bit threatening, job stuff. All that stuff that comes into play.

Philosophically speaking, then, what do you think about will-they-or-won’t-they couples on TV shows? Should they get together or is that too risky?
I think you’re going to find out. If you keep putting your toe in to test the water, at a certain point you have to jump in, and that’s what we’re doing with this season.

What about work-wise. PJ is a newspaper sports writer. Is there any focus this season on how newspapers seem to keep dying?
Not this season. I know that there was talk of addressing blogging. PJ gets a column, and I know there was talk of addressing just how much she has to blog and how blogging is taking up all of her time. That’s a new curve ball — I can’t seem to get away from baseball analogies! — thrown at columnists now, that they have to spend half their time doing this blog in order to keep their column going.

I’ve seen the first two episodes and there’s a fun bit with the guys holding a moustache-growing competition. Are those their real moustaches?
Yes, they were real! It was actually funny. Betsy, our showrunner, had told all the guys they were going to have a beard growing competition, so they would have to spend the last month of their hiatus growing these itchy beards. When they came to work, they were so proud of their beards because, I guess, the fuller your beard, it somehow relates to your manhood in some way. Of course, hanging out with a bunch of guys, I learn how to turn anything into a sexual innuendo. They had to shave them all down to moustaches that first day.

Tell me about working with Jeremy Piven on your new movie.
He was a cool guy. He was very, very busy. He was doing a movie where he was in absolutely every scene, doing three pages of dialogue a day.

No sushi on set? I’m kidding, you don’t have to answer that. What can you tell us about the rest of the season?
[Laughs] I think we do a lot more sort of commentary on pop culture this season, which is fun. We have a whole episode about Facebook and how to brand yourself and how, in order to have success, you have to sell yourself and brand yourself in one way or another. Kellee (Stewart’s) character turns her chick-lit self-help book into a full-on empire. She’s got seminars and it gets pretty ridiculous. It’s pretty funny.

Brendan becomes a co-owner of a bar, so he actually has to get up for work. There’s this moment early on when he’s up at 9:30 in the morning and he’s, like, “Is Starbucks is even open this early?” Jim Gaffigan’s character has another baby and finds out that he shouldn’t take the baby to Crowley’s (Tavern) to babysit.

But mostly, we’re around the poker table making fun of each other. Because that’s what friends do.

My Boys returns Tuesday, March 31 at 10:30 PM ET on TBS.

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