The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – Week 7!

The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – TEAMS FEEL THE HEAT IN PHUKET THAILAND

Hello Everyone!

Last night’s Episode #7 of The Amazing Race took our teams to Phuket, Thailand, for some serious “monkey business” as they searched for GORILLAS, TIGERS, ELEPHANTS, and more! We also have coverage of the Los Angeles KICK-OFF of Phil Keoghan’s “RIDE ACROSS AMERICA,” and we will catch-up with one our favorite Racers from last season! Let’s get started with today’s action-packed BLOG……….

EPISODE 7 —– Gorillas, Tigers, & Elephants Oh My!

The show began with teams departing from the Pitstop at Jaigur Fort in India, en route to Phuket, Thailand. Just to clairfy for anyone out there giggling about the destination name, “Phuket” is pronounced “Foo Ket.”

Tammy & Victor, being the first team to arrive at the Pitstop in the previous episode, were the first to depart. As they caught a nearby taxi, Tammy mentioned that she had visited Phuket as a child. Realizing that a Travel Agency was closer than the airport, Tammy & Victor stopped in to purchase their tickets.

[iframe—Southeast-Adventure/embed 420 355]

One by one, each team began departing from the Pitstop. As they sped away in their taxis, many reflected on their performances in the Race thus far. Mel looked particularly eager to get to Phuket, even mentioning that it is “his favorite city.” In a show of team solidarity, Jen remarked “Kisha is my main focus because I don’t really care about any of the other teams.” Redheads Cara & Jaime joked about Jaime’s impatience in the last leg In Jaipur, India, when she encountered some difficulty communicating with the locals. Stuntmen Mark & Michael, being the last team to depart from the Pitstop, reminded one another that they “need to move forward with little or no errors.”

Each team decided to head to the Travel Agency to book their seats…..except for Cara & Jaime, who instead made their way directly to the airport.

As it turned out, it made no difference where the tickets were booked, as every team booked the same flight to Phuket [arriving at 8:50 AM local time], evening things out completely.

The remaining six teams arrived in Phuket for a sunny (and smoldering HOT) morning. The first clue of day was merely a PHOTO —– a photo of a large Gorilla statue —- with NO indication or even slight hint where this statue could be found. Teams knew they had to seek out this Gorilla, but where on earth would one find a Gorilla statue in urban Phuket?

In one of the more humorous moments in the episode, the six teams bumbled through the streets of Phuket shoting “GORILLA GORILLA GORILLA!” — trying to elicit help from locals. Redhead Jaime asked passerbys, “Do you happen to know this monkey?” Mel & Mike caught a taxi, showed their driver the photo, and the driver deduced that the Gorilla statue was located at Patong Beach.

The remaining teams were instructed by strangers to head to the Phuket Zoo to find the Gorilla statue, so the taxi race began! But who was correct here —– had Mel & Mike outsmarted the other teams by heading to the Patong Beach? Or was the Gorilla at Phuket Zoo? Mike noticed that the other 5 teams were heading in a different direction than he and his father.

Stuntmen Mark & Michael and redheads Cara & Jaime arrived at the Phuket Zoo in first place. However, the redheads were the first to find the Gorilla, who was holding their next clue! At this moment, we CRINGED for Mel & Mike, as it was now clear that their taxi driver was taking them on a wild goose chase…….the Amazing Race “CURSE” of the bad taxi driver had descended upon our dear father & son duo…….

Cara & Jaime followed the clue to a LIVE tiger, who they would need to snap a photo with. After the tiger, the “animal adventures” continued, as they had to take part in a Thai circus-style performance with ELEPHANTS. That’s right, each team member would need to lie on the ground as well-trained elephants stepped over them and then squatted over them!

[iframe—Jane-of-the-Jungle/embed 420 355]

When Mark & Michael made it to the tiger, they noticed that the tiger-keeper only had one arm —– and wondered if the missing arm had ended up as a SNACK for the tiger! Athletes Kisha & Jen watched closely as the stuntmen had their photo taken with the big cat and joked that the short guys were “bite-sized” for the tiger. Redhead Jaime added that she loves animals far more than people and that she would love to be “Jane of the Jungle!” After the sisters snapped their pic with the tiger, Kisha exhaled and exclaimed, “I took a picture with a tiger and I didn’t pee myself……..I’m pleased!”

As each team finished taking their photo with the tiger, they made their way over to the Elephant area! Teams giggled as the elephants stepped over them, just giving them little “love taps” with their feet. In the meantime, poor Mel & Mike arrived at Patong Beach where they searched in vain for the Gorilla statue. Even in dire moments, Mel’s humor came through… he remarked, “Nobody knows where the ape is —- maybe he’s on top of a building holding a girl.” Finally they found a man who instructed them to head to the Phuket Zoo……as they rode in that direction Mel asked Mike if he “wanted to stop for a quick Thai massage!”

The remaining 5 teams sped through the Elephant act and received their next clue, directing them to the Nguan Choon Tong Herb Shop, which Phil informed us was the oldest herb shop in the city. At the shop, a wall of 99 drawers awaited. Teams would need to ask the storekeeper to open the drawers, one by one, to find a drawer containing their next clue.

As the taxis raced toward the Herb Shop, Cara & Jaime joked about stuntmen Mark & Michael and nicknamed them “The Tweedles,” saying they reminded them of Alice in Wonderland’s “Tweedledee and Tweedledum.”

Once again, the stuntmen and the redheads eyed for first place, both arriving at the Herb Shop almost simultaneously. The two teams began selecting drawers, one at a time, to have the shopkeeper open. Jaime became a little frustrated with the shopkeeper, as she felt she had difficulty communicating with him.

Mark & Michael were the first team to find a drawer with a clue. The clue contained this episode’s DETOUR. The choice was: 100 Barrels or 2 Miles. In 100 Barrels, teams would need to head to a fishing harbor where they would fill 47 barrels with water and also move 53 empty fishing barrels to the roof of the ship. In 2 Miles, teams would need to head to a temple where they would then transport their partner via rickshaw two miles to the King Rama IX Park. One team member would need to pull the rickshaw while the other rode in the seat. Pumps were also available for the teams should they encounter a flight tire on their rickshaw.

Back at the Herb Shop, Cara & Jaime called out for drawer after drawer to be opened by the shopkeeper, but the redheads were still unable to find a clue. One by one, Kisha & Jen, Tammy & Victor, and Margie & Luke arrived at the herb shop, and successfully found drawers with clues. Poor Cara & Jaime continued to call out for drawers unsuccessfully. Jaime commented that they were “the first ones to the herb shop” and that they were now falling behind. Finally, the redheads found a drawer with a clue and sped away from the Herb Shop, behind the other 4 teams.

Mel & Mike struggled to catch up to the others, as they completed the tasks at the Phuket Zoo.

Mark & Michael Take a Chance —- HIDING Equipment from the Other Teams!

Mark & Michael were the first to arrive at the temple where they selected their rickshaw. Before they began their ride, the stuntmen used one of the airpumps to fill up the rickshaw’s tires. Mark then had a very naughty idea! He took all of the airpumps and hid them in a nearby box, hoping this would confuse the other teams!

[iframe—Native-Labor/embed 420 355]

Mark & Michael then approached their taxi driver with yet another idea. They told the driver to drive ahead of them and lead them to King Rama IX Park. They neglected to notice, however, that the clue stated that teams were NOT ALLOWED to hire anyone to guide them during this task.

Tammy & Victor soon arrived at the temple and began the rickshaw task. They made a very wise move here, as they had their taxi driver draw them a map to the King Rama IX Park. Cara & Jaime and Margie & Luke then began the rickshaw Detour option as well.

With the (illegal) help of their taxi driver, Mark & Michael completed the Detour with ease. Upon finishing the task, the stuntmen received their final clue, instructing them to the PITSTOP at Wat Thep Nimit Temple.


Mark & Michael arrived at the Mat to hear Phil say those beautiful words that they have thus-far-never-heard “Mark & Michael, you are team #1!” The stuntmen were clearly elated…….only to then receive the BAD news they had incurred not one but TWO PENALTIES during the course. The two penalties were a result of:

(1) Hiding the airpumps from the other teams

(2) Hiring the taxi driver to lead their way to King Rama IX Park

Phil informed the stuntmen that they would need to wait 60 minutes [representing 30 minutes per penalty] before they would be allowed to check-in to the Pitstop. The now distraught Mark & Michael found a spot in the shade to sit and nervously wait out their penalty.

Meanwhile, Victor began pulling his sister Tammy in the rickshaw, as he joked, “I don’t like saying this but my sister’s a little heavy.” The sibling lawyers finished the task at about the same time as Cara & Jaime, and a mad-taxi-dash for the Pitstop began!

Tammy & Victor then arrived at the Phil’s Mat, moments ahead of Cara & Jaime.


Upon stepping on the Mat, Phil informed Tammy & Victor that they were the second team to arrive and SHOCKED them with the news that they were in FIRST PLACE because of Mark & Michael’s penalty. For their victory, Phil rewarded the smiling team with a trip for two to Hawaii, courtesy of Travelocity. This victory marked the THIRD FIRST PLACE FINISH for Tammy & Victor and returned them to their position of dominance in this race thus far.

Once again, the siblings showed how truly UNSTOPPABLE they are when playing their best. Fair gameplay, solid cooperation, and sound decision-making led them to a strong finish in a EXCRUCIATINGLY HOT & EXHAUSTING leg.

THREE CHEERS for Tammy & Victor on their SHINING performance in Phuket!!!!


Soonafter the check-ins of Tammy & Victor and Cara & Jaime, Mark & Michael sighed a huge breath of relief as their 60 minutes expired and they checked in to the Pitstop in third place. Although obviously saddened to see first place slip through their tiny fingers, the stuntmen were pleased to still be in the game, and promised to move forward toward that million dollar prize.

Back at the Detour, Margie initially had Luke pulling their rickshaw…….she soon realized this was a big mistake, as she was unable to communicate with deaf Luke as he pulled. She then nudged Luke to stop and switched places with him. Now Margie was pulling Luke in the rickshaw. When they finally made it to King Rama IX Park, poor Margie was flustered from the extreme exertion of pulling the rickshaw in such vicious HEAT. Margie even mentioned that Thailand was the hottest place she had ever visited.


The mother and son then checked in to the Pitstop in fourth place. Strangely, Margie mentioned that her fingers felt cold, then collapsed as Luke tried to hold her up. Phil yelled for help as Margie began shaking. The Race medic offered to call an ambulance for Margie, but she turned it down. After a few minutes of cooling down and drinking water, Margie thankfully appeared to be fine again. But what a SCARY moment it was! From the looks of things, Margie suffered a mild heatstroke, as the symptoms would suggest as such. Phil remarked on Margie’s strength and perseverance, stating “The Bionic Woman has done it again!”


At the Detour point, Kisha & Jen selected the 100 Barrels option and began to transport the 53 empty fishing barrels to the roof of the ship. Mel & Mike soon arrived at the scene and began to work on the task. The father and son duo time folded effectively by having Mike carry two barrels at a time to the roof, instead of just one.

The sisters and the father/son soon raced via taxis toward the Pitstop.

When the smoke cleared, it was our dear Mel & Mike who checked into the Mat in last place and were promptly eliminated.


Tonight’s episode clearly illustrated the UNPREDICTABILITY of this game. The team order is truly subject to change at the moment you LEAST expect it. And no matter how great a team is……let’s face the facts….a BAD CAB DRIVER can tank you.

Poor Mel & Mike never recovered from the loss of time they suffered because of their cab driver’s erroneous conclusion regarding the Gorilla statue’s location. At the Finish Line, Mel & Mike reflected fondly on the experience. Mel mentioned “I had aches and pains and groans in my groin, but I was pretty good…..and I loved it when my son thought so too.” Mike replied that they had been “father and son” but that the Race gave them a chance to be “teammates” which built a completely new kind of camaraderie between them. Mike closed with mentioning the “great gift that the race gave to us.”

It was difficult to watch Phil read our “racing writers” Mel & Mike their last rites. Over the course of this season, amongst a VERY likable cast, Mel & Mike had emerged as our personal favorites and “picks to win.” We had the good fortune to meet the father and son two weeks ago, as Mel & Mike had arranged, coordinated, and hosted a viewing party for Racers and close friends. This was just no typical “amazing race party”……as we mentioned last week, Mel & Mike put a great deal of work and love into this event…..and created one of the most special evenings in the show’s legacy.

We want to thank Mel & Mike for the incredibly-inspiring “comeback” moments, for the fountain of witty “one-liners,” and for being so friendly and gracious when we met them in person. We wish them the best in all they do.


1. Tammy & Victor
2. Jaime & Cara
3. Mark & Michael
4. Margie & Luke
5. Kisha & Jen
6. Mel & Mike [ELIMINATED]


*Tammy & Victor once again had a “perfect leg,” both competitively and emotionally. When they play this way, they are nearly impossible to beat.

*Despite a few moments of frustration, Cara & Jaime have remained at the “top of the pack.” The redheads are FEISTY, no doubt, but remain FIERCE competition —– If they can keep their momentary frustrations in check, these girls could make it to the very end!

*It was quite ironic that Mark & Michael began the Leg stating that they needed to “move forward with little or no errors.” Hopefully they learned from this Leg and will use it as motivation to propel themselves in First Place, penalty-free next time!

*Kisha & Jen continue to hang in there! With great teamwork and incredible athletic prowess, we predict this team will be in the Final 3!


This past Tuesday, we returned to the studios of the TV GUIDE NETWORK —— to discuss the current season of the Amazing Race!

Check out our “Pink & Black” analysis & anecdotes in the video below from the TV Guide Network:

[iframe 445 364]

Special thanks to the SWEETHEART hosts Rosanna and Adrianna for inviting us back! Be sure to check out REALITY CHAT every week on the TV Guide Network. For times and listings for REALITY CHAT, check out this LINK.


This past Saturday, Amazing Race superhost PHIL KEOGHAN kicked off his “Ride Across America” right here in Los Angeles!

If you haven’t heard, Phil is literally BIKE-RIDING across America to raise awareness and funds for the US National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The ride also coincides with the launch of Phil’s own NOW One Square Meal Bars at GNC stores nationwide. [Sidenote: NOW is an acronym for “No Opportunity Wasted,” the title of Phil’s popular self-motivational book.]

The ride kicked off at the beautiful Santa Monica Beach —– amidst a whirlwind of Amazing Race fans, media reporters, and, most importantly, BIKE RIDERS that signed up to accompany Phil and support the MS Society.

From Kynt: This event was, of course, SUPER FUN —- but also of special personal meaning to my family and I. My dad has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for the past 10 years. Thankfully, new treatments have arisen in just the past few years that have radically improved his quality of life……we can atest firsthand that MS research *IS* making a huge difference. My dad and mom both traveled all the way from Louisville, KY to attend the kickoff of Phil’s ride —- it really meant a lot to our family to see such an incredible show of support for the National MS Society!

Phil Keoghan’s ride is also a family affair of it’s own! His wife Louise was there at the starting line, ready to RIDE by his side! His father John Keoghan is also crossing the country with him —- driving the GNC trailer! You might remember John from the last Amazing Race season, when he greeted teams alongside his son at the Pitstop in New

Let’s recap this event with a little photo essay……..

Don’t forget…….if YOU want to get involved, you still have the chance to RIDE right alongside Phil!

Below are the DATES and CITIES for the “kick-off” of the remaining legs of Phil’s journey:

*Aurora, CO – Saturday April 11

*Omaha, NE – Saturday April 18

*Chicago, IL – Saturday April 25

*Pittsburgh, PA – Saturday May 2

*Gaithersburg, MD (Washington DC) – Tuesday May 5

*Baltimore, MD – Wednesday May 6

*Philadelphia, PA – Thursday May 7

*New York City – Date TBA

If you would like to REGISTER to RIDE WITH PHIL on any of the above listed dates, just visit this LINK.

And for more information on Phil’s cross-country adventure, visit the official website.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful chance to not only MEET Phil Keoghan, but to BIKE-RIDE with him, while raising funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.


Phil’s kickoff also gave us the opportunity to REUNITE with Mark Yturralde, one half of our favorite Season 13 team —– affectionately known as “The Geeks” Mark & Bill.

Mark & Bill were actually the FIRST Season 13 team that we met last year when the season kicked off. We remember quite well…….when CBS made the cast announcement and we heard that there was a team of two “Comic Sc-Fi Geeks,” we immediately began stalking……or ummmmmmmmm…….looking for them! Long time BLOG readers will recall that the first Amazing Race Party that we covered for Season 13 was Mark & Bill’s Episode #1 bash! If you are feeling nostalgic, or you are a NEW reader to the Blog, check out that past BLOG entry at the LINK below:

Fancast Blog – Kynt & Vyxsin and Mark & Bill Enjoy Episode #1

We’ll share with you some photos of Mark in action at the Kick-Off!

After Mark completed his Leg of Phil’s Ride, we sat down with him for a quick Q&A:

Kynt & Vyxsin: How many miles did you ride with Phil today?

Mark: An easy 30

Kynt & Vyxsin: Since we saw you on the Amazing Race Season 13, you have lost CONSIDERABLE weight!!! What has been your “secret” to shedding significant poundage in such a short time?

Mark: Eating better, and training hard! Not just exercising, but following a professionally laid out plan, and pushing hard!

Kynt & Vyxsin: What does your diet currently consist of? And what does your exercise regimen consist of?

Mark: I bike 200 miles a week, and do weight training three days a week. I eat as much of a raw diet, low in fat as I can, and avoid all deep fried foods.

Kynt & Vyxsin: As you watch the NEW Amazing Race Season 14, which team are you MOST rooting for to take the million dollar prize?

Mark: Tammy & Victor or Margie & Luke

Kynt & Vyxsin: The primary goal of Phil’s Ride Across America is to raise funds and awareness for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Has Multiple Sclerosis affected any of your family or close friends?

Mark: Yes, my good friend Leslie has MS, and she’s such an inspiration to me, both with her personal strength, and her amazing fundraising!

Kynt & Vyxsin: Will we be seeing you riding on any of Phil’s future legs as he crosses the nation toward his Final Pitstop on May 9th?

Mark: Currently, I plan on doing at LEAST the final 100 miles as Phil heads into NYC.

Kynt & Vyxsin: Any chance you and Bill will be watching the Season 14 Finale at TarCon in New York City on Sunday May 10th?

Mark: I will be. Bill’s new promotion (congrats Bill!!) keeps him really busy! I hope he can make it!

Kynt & Vyxsin: Now that the dust has settled and the Amazing Race adventure is behind you, how would you say the experience has impacted your life over all?

Mark: Deeply. I’m getting I’m shape, and I’ve made some incredible friends. I’m more grateful of my family and friends.

Kynt & Vyxsin: What did you and Bill think of the movie rendition of the comic “The Watchmen”?

Mark: I thought it was awesome. Exactly what it needed to be. I give it a 9.4

Kynt & Vyxsin: Any other comic-book-to-movies coming out this year that especially tickle your fancy?

Mark: I’m dying for Star Trek. It looks spectacular. Hey JJ Abrams, can I be an extra on the bridge in Star Trek 2 please???? I’ll be your best friend!

Kynt & Vyxsin: How are things going as your prepare for San Diego Comic-Con International? Any surprises you can divulge for this year’s con?

Mark: Con is going great! This years will be the best one yet. Our staff is putting together the best Comic Con ever, and hands down the “must see” fan event of the year! NOBODY comes close!

Kynt & Vyxsin: Closing thoughts?

Mark: We love meeting fellow fans of the race, comic fans, and geeks like us! Add us on facebook!

Kynt & Vyxsin: Thanks Mark!

We also hear that Mark gives great Twitter:


Right now is truly the PERFECT time to be a fan of the Amazing Race!

So Mark You Calendars:

*EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT – 8pm EST – the NEW Amazing Race Season 14 – CBS (America) and CTV (Canada)

*EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT – 8pm EST – REPLAY of the NEW Amazing Race Season 14 – Travel Channel


We will be back here with you next Monday with our review of Amazing Race Episode #8, as well as coverage of our LATEST AMAZING RACE PARTIES!!

See you RIGHT HERE on next time —– DON’T MISS IT!!!

:::Kisses and Cupcakes:::

Kynt and Vyxsin

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