CariDee English And Mia Tyler Share Their Most ‘Wicked’ Memories

Mia Tyler and CariDee English haven’t always been good girls.

Tonight Tyler, the daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, and English, the former America’s Next Top Model winner, will appear as judge and host, respectively, on the new Oxygen reality competition series Pretty Wicked.

In the show, 10 spoiled divas who have spent their lives in “the bubble” are chosen to live together and compete in what they think is a series about proving their outer beauty. But the unpleasant reality is discovered early on when the true intention is revealed: they’re actually there to prove how beautiful they are on the inside. Awkward!

In the devious spirit of ‘Wicked,’ I found out what the most heinously offensive acts both Tyler and English have ever committed. Their responses, after the jump.

Mia Tyler: I used to be a bad girl when I was younger living in New York. I would date a lot, and I’d be into boys, and then the next minute I wouldn’t be.

I remember I met this boy at a strip club, of all places. I used to live with a stripper. So, I saw this guy at the strip club and I sent him a lap dance from this girl. Of course he came up to me after to talk. So we hung out at my house the following weekend and I totally wanted to hook up with him, but he dropped a bomb on me at like two in the morning that he had a girlfriend.

So I was like ‘what? I’m not going to hook up with you if you have a girlfriend!’ So he tells me that he’s going to break up with her. He then goes into the bathroom, at three in the morning, and calls her to break up with her. This was his girlfriend of 5 years. We then hooked up, he totally fell in love with me, and I never talked to him again. He would call me and call me and call me, and I wanted nothing to do with him. It was kind of like the thrill of getting him to do that. Today it mortifies me.

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CariDee English: I’m not a very wicked person! But I guess I’ve been a little wicked when it comes to ex boyfriends. All is fair in love in war though, right?

There was this guy I was dating and he ended up breaking up with me on Christmas or something, of last year. So then he was in town a few months later and I was like ‘yeah I’m going to try to meet up with you. I’ll come hang out with you.’ But then I totally blew him of, like he’d blown me off. But it ended up backfiring in my face!

He kept calling me and I just kept ignoring the calls. He thought I’d gotten into a horrible accident and he called the cops thinking something terrible happened to me. So, I realized I’d never do something like that again! I can’t do it. It’s just not in my blood.

Pretty Wicked premieres tonight at 11 PM ET on Oxygen.

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