Heroes: “Into Asylum”

Monday’s Heroes are seeking asylum. Where would you go if you were on the lam? Nathan and Claire go with the unoriginal, yet effective, Mexico. Nathan and Claire check into a seedy motel now that he’s exposed and in the same group as the people he was just trying to lock up. How’s that one feel, Nathan? Karma’s a bitch, huh? Unfortunately for Claire this also means her free pass is up and she takes off for a stroll in Mexico. What blonde, 16 year old (or however old she’s supposed to be now) girl, goes for a walk in a shady part of Mexico alone? Regenerating or not, that’s just creepy.

Peter and Angela seek solace in their old family church. Angela needs to go to sleep so she can dream her vision of where to go next but she can’t sleep from all the guilt she’s feeling. Mexico may be unoriginal but it is for a reason. A church in the middle of New York City, and your family one at that, isn’t exactly a safe haven when you’re on the run from people who know everything about you. People like Danko. He’s at the apartment of a target where the mission went horribly wrong. Three agents went after James Martin, a man with an ability, who subsequently shot and killed them. Danko is pretty pissed about losing his men so he’s equally unexcited to find Sylar pop up in his car afterwards. But Sylar doesn’t show up to just gossip and chit chat. He’s a man with a plan; albeit often a manipulative one. He presents Danko with the idea of working together since they both want the same thing. What – to raid people’s brains? Well, not exactly.

Sylar tells Danko they both want to kill people with abilities, like the man who just killed his officers, and he can help and then vanishes in what seems like mid-air. He wouldn’t be a cool villain without being able to do that, right? When Danko gets back to the office he delivers a riveting speech about making the man who killed their men their new number one target – above Sylar. But when Noah suggests the tried and true “one of us one of them” strategy, Danko refuses to hear it and gives Noah his next assignment: Angela. The agent who found the three others killed then thanks Danko privately for his moving speech. Danko waves him away as he sees a mysterious cell phone ringing, and wouldn’t you know, it’s Sylar, who tells him he found another body killed by Martin. The body is be-headed and the head is inside a box delivered to Danko. Gross, yes, but the head of the body is the same as the agent who just thanked Danko. We’ve got a shape shifter on our hands. Danko takes off on a wild goose chase for the fake agent but chasing a shape-shifter isn’t exactly a smart move and they lose him as he picks up another form.

Claire comes back to Nathan with money from pawning her necklace. They dance around the whole topic of how he should fix this problem, and why he gave her a free pass, before he picks up the money and approaches a group of frat guys playing a drinking game. Turns out ‘ol Nathan here is a big tequila drinker and tries his hand – or liver – at drinking the most to earn some more loot. After 20 plus shots its down to Nathan and one other guy until Nathan passes out. But with all the money on the line, Claire steps in and gets to work on 22 shots, to catch up to where Nathan left off.

This time Danko is waiting for Sylar when he appears in Martin’s apartment. He has his gun and knife pointed and poised to kill. Is this guy an idiot? Sylar can kill him with the turn of a finger. Danko isn’t going to achieve anything like this. Not that Sylar even needs to resort to that. Instead he draws upon his powers of persuasion and convinces Danko – who is appearing increasingly weak if you ask me – that he can round everyone up for Danko. Someone in Danko’s position should know you never, ever trust the evil villain! And he’s a hypocrite for embracing the “one of us, one of them” mentality. Like I said, weak! Anyway, the two start searching Martin’s apartment until they find matches from a swanky bar. Martin is a shape shifter AND a ladies man.

Angela is continuing her pity party at the Church while Peter tells God he’s angry at him and prays for him to show up. This of course happens just as a door opens, blowing out the candle in front of him, but its no solace from above, its agents looking for him and his mother. They hide out in the confessional where Angela appropriately wants to confess to Peter how sorry she is. As the agents canvass the place the confessional door inevitably opens, but it’s Noah, who’s secretly on their side, and calls away his men.

After more shots than any human should ever imbibe, no matter where you are spring breaking, Claire wins. But that’s because part of her healing includes her liver cells so she can’t get drunk. Wow, that blows. But not here. Why didn’t she step in from the start? Claire carts off Nathan to their room and Nathan becomes the third Petrelli to throw himself a pity party tonight. At least he’s drunk and it’s expected. He tells Claire how he first denied her existence like every other problem and vows to fix it for everybody and passes out again calling himself a hero. Some hero. The next morning, in the sober light of day, he thanks Claire for bailing him out but says that hero promise was just the tequila talking. He has no connections anymore and Claire leaves in tears telling him he was supposed to be Superman. Um, Superman would never turn on his own kind, okay? And Nathan has a lot more worries than just a little kryptonite after what he’s done. When Nathan comes to his senses he finds her at a bus stop and presents her back with the necklace she pawned and says he’s ready to go back. They take off together to fly into the Mexican sunset – definitely better than a bus ride across the border.

At the club, Danko and Sylar spot the shape shifter easy, because he’s now decided to look like Danko. We then have to watch Danko making out with some girl which is pretty gross since Danko is well, pretty gross – all pale and creepy. Fake Danko spots them and takes off into the crowd and it seems neither Sylar nor Real Danko can find him. Danko says its time to give up and they retreat. As they walk out Danko turns and shoots Sylar. Only its not Sylar. Its shape shifting Martin posing as Sylar. The real Sylar follows behind and Danko presents him to Sylar to take his power, but do so to also fake Sylar’s death. Wow, so the guy who’s all about law and justice is now officially the most corrupt of the lot. When Noah shows up and sees the body he naturally thinks Danko killed Sylar – they even posed a knife into the back of his head. But things aren’t always as they appear and Sylar tests out his shape shifting as a crime scene cleanup worker before getting in the car with Danko to drive away. Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting now that everyone thinks Sylar is dead. Danko reminds him once they cart everyone off he’ll be the only one left. Sylar looks pleased at this, but isn’t his whole existence based on taking others’ powers? What happens if there aren’t any left to take?

Not that I think it will come to that. Angela finally fell asleep and tells Peter she dreamt of an Angel and they need to find Nathan and Claire and all go to visit her sister. Oh boy. Another Petrelli? (well, technically in-law). What will she be able to do? And how on earth can they stop a shape-shifting, presumed-dead, Sylar and his corrupt companion Danko?

Time – and sweeps! – will tell…

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