Will Forte To Appear In Arrested Development Movie? Maebe

A funny thing happened during a conference call today with Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz and Saturday Night Live cast member Will Forte: Hurwitz offered Forte a part in the still-developing Arrested Development movie.

Hurwitz, who was on the call to promote his upcoming Fox series Sit Down, Shut Up, deflected questions as to what progress has been made on the big screen adaptation of Arrested, saying “it’s very flattering people have expressed so much interest.”

And then it happened. Hurwitz asked Forte to be in the film. The conversation, after the jump:

Mitch Hurwitz: “Will, would you be in this movie?”
Will Forte: “Oh my God, I would love to. Is this an offer? Let me get my agent on the line.”
MH: “Yes, this is an offer. The truth is I haven’t even written it yet.”
WF: “Oh my God. I will do craft services on the movie.”
MH: “Your cooking is amazing. I would love to have you.”

Joke or not joke, there’s no denying Hurwitz is a fan of Forte’s work on both SNL, and as Stuart, the juiced-up vice principal in Sit Down.

Hurwitz was full of praise for the funnyman, saying “I feel like we’re getting to work with Jim Carrey before he did Ace Ventura.”

As to whether or not Hurwitz has a legitimate character in mind for Forte, he quipped: “Will Forte would be some sort of pet detective. That’s the safest path I could go.”

When pressed for more details on ideas for the Arrested script, Hurwitz confessed that nothing solid is in place yet, saying “we have all these little ideas, but the show has always been about tying all the pieces together.

“None of them alone could make a movie yet. We’re still assembling the pieces.”

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