New ‘Rescue Me’ Season Returns To Painful Roots

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Denis Leary‘s raunchy comedy isn’t for everyone, but his raw take on life in ‘Rescue Me’ is one of television’s gems. The FX series returns this Tuesday for its fifth season to what a tantalizing profile in Sunday’s New York Times calls “its painful origins” when “the specter of 9/11 becomes a major character once again” as “a French journalist starts interviewing firefighters about their experiences for a commemorative book.”

We’re talking five-alarm, long-burning drama. According to the Times, “Wounds that appear healed turn out to be raw; tempers flare over the commodification of a tragedy as a coffee-table book; the already fragile stability of several characters is threatened. And the plot unfolds with the show’s signature mixture of bleak comedy, scatological raunch, rage, booze and Catholic guilt — a blend of toughness and sentimentality that keeps “Rescue Me” very much Mr. Leary’s baby.”

‘Rescue Me’ returns with all new episodes Tuesday, April 7, at 10 pm on FX.

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