Bob Saget: Five Questions In Five Minutes

Tonight at 9:30 PM Bob Saget returns to familiar television territory: the family sitcom. In ABC’s Surviving Suburbia, Saget plays Steve Patterson, an immature, misanthropic married father of two, struggling with a serious case of mid-life malaise.

In a lightning speed interview this morning, Saget was an excellent sport when asked to answer five rather absurd questions about his identity, who would win in an America’s Funniest Home Videos fist fight showdown between him and Tom Bergeron, and whether or not we’ll ever get a Full House reunion. Have mercy!

Watch preview clips of Surviving Suburbia here.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?

I guess that I’m a vegetarian. People think I don’t eat meat just by looking at me.

A lot of people throughout the past 20 years were shocked that I wasn’t Danny Tanner, that I don’t act like that character in real life. So I’d always say ‘Anthony Hopkins doesn’t eat people in real life.’ So that was kind of my defense. Now I’m proud that I did Full House and the video show. I’m actually going to be on Dancing With The Stars tonight, in the audience. Tom Bergeron is my lead-in for Surviving Suburbia.

Do you and Tom Bergeron love each other in real life?

Yeah, we’re going to dinner tonight. We’re gonna have steak. Although I had breakfast meats this morning so I don’t know if I can have more meat. I’ve known him a long time. He’s a really kind guy.

A fight breaks out between you and Bergeron: who wins?

He would win. I would have to let him. I want to see a photo of him pinning me to the ground so I can ruin him. I’ll have a look of joy on my face, and that will scare his family.

What tools are required for surviving in suburbia? A functioning lawnmower and a minivan?

Our show is about denial so it’s more like: build a higher fence and don’t answer the doorbell. I [my character] spend my days not wanting to see the neighbors. So if they come over and want something I tell my wife to please get the door, I’m drinking. I have my own issues. Work has been a little tough and the economic situation is not great. We don’t even know what I do for a living, but I do “Internet stuff,” and it hasn’t been that lucrative lately. So you just want to keep people away from you.

There might be a Saved By The Bell reunion soon. Will there ever be a Full House reunion?

I don’t think there will ever be a Full House reunion. There might be another incarnation of the show. They might do like a Brady thing with wigs and stuff.

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