Five Seasons of The Hills, Five Reasons to Love LC

It feels like the girls of The Hills never left us at all, thanks in part to the media’s obsession with the lives and loves of the cast.

Tonight is the premiere of yet another season of the show you love to hate, which sadly is Lauren Conrad’s final foray in front of the MTV cameras (for now…). She has announced that she’s leaving the show, and bowing out gracefully in anticipation of greater things to come, like a book deal or even another TV show.

Watch a preview of the new season of The Hills

We won’t even speculate as to whether the show will go on LC-less (although Heidi seems to think it can). But in honor of the many years of drama, gossip and OMG faces that LC has brought to our lives, we’ve put together a nice little parting gift for our favorite Orange Country veteran.

To celebrate each season of The Hills, the five reasons why LC rocks our world, after the jump.

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1. She’s an Entrepreneur- And by “entrepreneur” we don’t mean she “tips off the paparazzi every time she hits PinkBerry” like a former unnamed BFF of hers whose name rimes with tidy. With a clothing line under her belt and a 3-book deal with mega-publisher Harper Collins, Lauren is working it the old-fashioned way – through hard work. That or maybe she’s just got a better manager than her counterparts.

2. She’s Going Out While She’s Ahead- Let’s face it. Sometimes a show goes on past its prime just so the stars can collect a paycheck. But Lauren has decided to take a page out of Shannen Doherty’s playbook and is leaving the show before it can truly jump the shark. Will the show ever be the same? We doubt it. LC is the Brenda Walsh of West Hollywood. She IS The Hills.

Watch LC grow up on Laguna Beach

3. She’s Not Full of Drama- Yes, she’s on the most dramatic show on TV. But Lauren is rarely the actual cause of said drama. Usually she’s just kind of caught in the eye of the Audrina/Heidi/Whitney/Lo storm. Even during the infamous Heidi/Lauren feud, it was usually Speidi who fanned the flames of anger through the tabloids. Lauren knew when to keep her mouth shut – and did.

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4. She’s Got Style- Lauren is the epitome of LA chic. She’s got that wavy blonde hair (or as Jonathan Antin would say-“babe hair”) that’s chic yet playful. She’s got curves in all the right places. And most importantly, she covers up, unlike the legions of reality show starlets who drop trou at the drop of a hat. Lauren knows she’s a role model and likes to keep her goods to the imagination.

Check out Lauren’s fashions

5. She Doesn’t Kiss and Tell- Even when her life was being filmed for the world to see, Lauren was always a little reluctant to talk about her boy troubles. And even now that Lauren is dating “My Boys” hottie Kyle Howard, don’t expect to see his cute mug on the screen of the MTV show. Lauren doesn’t want this relationship to feel the heat of the reality cameras and the nationwide scrutiny. If this isn’t classy, we don’t know what is.

Why do you (or don’t you) love Lauren? Tell us with a comment below. Season 5 of The Hills premieres tonight on MTV at 10 PM EST.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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