Who Gives A Twit?

No, that’s not the sound of birds chirps heralding the arrival of spring. It’s the sound of celebrities tweeting on Twitter. And guess what they’re talking about? Obviously. There’s only one thing that a celebrity loves more than themselves, and that’s their thoughts. But who gives a twit? Well, I do. And it will save you time. Check back daily for the latest roundup of tweets. Bon Appétit!

Demi Moore @12:44AM Apr 9th: For those celebrating Passover Chag Sameach! Ashton Kutcher @3:21AM Apr 9th: How do they get the cafiene out if decaf coffee! Why can’t they get the nicotine out of cigarettes. Denic smokes. Samantha Ronson @4:04AM Apr 9th: Quote of the day “I just like the feeling of peeing outside….. Oh sh*t- this is fake grass” Criss Angel @7:31 AM Apr 9th: Who is this Adam Lambert guy and why did he steal the look I stole from Tommy Lee? Nicole Richie @11:49AM Apr 9th: Everyone has an awkward phase. Let me have something! Can you believe my mom let me have curly bangs? Dave Navarro @12:37PM Apr 9th: Home sick today Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs @2:11PM Apr 9th: Just leaving gym! Finished my 3rd work out! You got start somewhere. I’m better today than I was yesterday!!!! Brooke Hogan @2:30PM Apr9th: Still waiting to hear from Dancing with the Stars. I’m practicing just in case..lolz Perez Hilton @1:46PM Apr 9th: is noticing all the times Spencer & Heidi appear on “The Hills” with red, bloodshot eyes! Soleil Moon Frye @5:33PM Apr 9th: Question of the day. If you had a theme song of your life playing right now, what would it be?

What do I give a twit about? The new CBS show ‘Harper’s Island.’ Watch a preview here.


Here are some more tweets from your favorite twits….

Rob Thomas @3:00 Apr 9th Stuck on the west side. Brooke Burke @3:11 Pm Apr 9th: just came in form a gorgeous walk. gonna do some pilates then relax with everyone. Arnold Schwarzenegger @4:07PM Apr 9th: CA is among the first in the nation to tap into Recovery education funds. Learn more. Hulk Hogan @4:04PM Apr 9th: Something’s wrong with my twitter, no updates???. Ludacris @4:44 PM Apr 9th: Now I’m borderline drunk cause I hardly ever take breaks, but when u have kids u have to take time out to chill every once and a while. Love. Nick Cannon @4:40PM Apr 9th: Just crashed my big wheel. Don’t worry everyone’s okay, I got the joint with the brake on it! LOL. Demi Moore @ 4:29PM Apr 9th: Driving with hubby and pal Guyo is is getting grumpy and needs food. The matza is not cutting it for him!! Hehe. Penn Jillette @4:54PM Apr 9th: I’m going to load another 6 new Sun Ra CDs into my iPod with the new Terry Adams, Holy Tweet, and off to LA to see Leonard Cohen on Fri. Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs @ 5:22PM: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I’m in the booth and I’m like HILLARY CLINTON!! I FOUND MY VOICE AGAIN!!! LOCK IN!!!

What do I give a twit about now? Watching Tiger Woods on ’60 Minutes.’

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