Downsizing Reality Show a New Low?

Can’t stand some of your coworkers? What if you could fire them?!

Fox has ordered the new reality series ‘Someone’s Gotta Go,’ in which struggling companies layoff employees–for real–on camera.

The twist is that each week it’s not the boss but fellow employees who choose which person gets the heave-ho.

Small companies of approximately 15-20 people will be the focus, and they’ll have access to HR records, including salary information, to make their decisions.

“It’s ‘Survivor’ meets ‘The Office,’ says Fox’s Mike Darnell in Variety. When someone is arbitrarily let go the first reaction usually is ‘How come that person was fired when another idiot is still here?’ This finally gives employees a chance to make that decision instead of a boss.”

A premiere date for series, which comes from the creators of ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Deal or No Deal,’ has not yet been set.

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