Sci Fi Tracker: Sarah Connor Send-Off Likely To End With A Bang (Or Two)

Tonight’s the night. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. “Season two finale,” is the official story, for now. Series finale? True believers are praying for a miracle….but they aren’t about to wait underwater for it, either.

More’s the pity if this brilliant show doesn’t return, because the rollercoaster ride has been epic over the course of these past few eps. Josh Friedman had already warned us that the back end of Season Two would pack a wallop (and an uzi, and some weapons of mass destruction, and……..). Even so…..


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Charley’s dead, Sarah is all kinds of incarcerated, Catherine Weaver is now way up in the Connor’s business, Savannah’s new BFF is a freaky computer, and……of course there’s Derek. Actually, there’s not Derek. Sarah Connor Society provides a nice round-up of reactions to the Adam Raised a Cain episode…..which, in essence, runs the gamut of ways to say, “Whaa…..?!?!?.” ‘Twas the shot heard round the globe, evidently. Even Czech fans of the show are talking about Derek’s departure…….uh, in Czech, of course. But any buzz is good buzz, right?

While the doomsayers are walking around with awfully smug expressions lately, the truth is that nobody can say with 100% certainty whether or not Terminator will be back for a third season. Not even Friedman, who, with typical candor, recently discussed the show’s uncertain future in an interview over at

On the official Fox TSCC site, check out the tasty preview clips of the kick-ass finale. There’s also a fun piece about Friedman’s Springsteen fixation. Beyond the obvious connection – what with the finale ep being called, “Born To Run” – this is hardly the show’s first brush with Boss-ness, in case you hadn’t noticed.

And if you are one of those laggards who never tunes in to a show till you hear about it’s highly anticipated, much hyped, “Oh NO THEY DIDN’T!” season finale, I09 has run an excellent primer entitled Everything You Need To Know Before The End of Sarah Connor.

The end? That whole “end” business keeps coming up, doesn’t it? E! has also categorized TSCC as “mostly dead,” but still provides fans with an opportunity to vote for it in its “Save One Show” campaign. Or you can sign the official Terminator Wiki petition in which fans send their pleas for a Season Three out into the Internet ether.

You never know.

DO NOT MISS tonight’s season finale. And until then, why not enjoy your very own Season Two marathon? You can catch up on previous Terminator episodes right here on Fancast.

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