Who Gives A Twit?

It’s Friday – and a Holiday weekend – which can mean only one thing: celebrities are tweeting out of their twits to the masses today! For some celebrities, any holiday is a reason to celebrate, at least according to Kevin Smith…

Ryan Seacrest @10:44AM Apr 10th: Happy holidays everyone. To all my jewish friends…stay away from the pasta this weekend. Greg Grunberg @10:02AM Apr 10th: Conference Calls can be very scary. Agree? Olivia Munn @10:00AM Apr 10th: First day with no meetings or shoots! My plan: stay in bed, blog, then get a massage. Tina Fey @9:22AM Apr 10th: It’s so nice out. It almost makes me want to go for a walk. Almost. Howard Stern @9:24AM Apr 10th: Washing my feet, stepped in Bianca’s mess. Kevin Smith @8:32AM Apr 10th: I’ve got a free Friday. No real work to do today, just a SModcast later. Question on the floor: dare I wake and bake and Twitter results? Ashton Kutcher @8:15AM Apr 10th: Breakfast is the most romantic meal of the day when done right. Giuliana Rancic @7:37AM Apr 10th: In my E! News meeting. We r figuring out stories…who are the top 3 celebs u want to see on our show??? Wanna show stars u wanna see!!! Hugh Jackman @7:26AM Apr 10th: Thank you South Korea for all of your support! Your passion for the film is contagious. Paris Hilton @12:28AM Apr 10th: yes, it’s official.. i think you know what i’m talking about.

What do I give a twit about today? Last night’s new episode of ‘The Office‘. Watch it here.

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