New ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Season To Tackle Octomom, The Economy, A Younger DeVito

FX renewed their beloved sitcom ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘ for three more years. “We’ve got FX by the balls!” joked series star Danny DeVito at last Friday’s Paley Center event honoring the series.

The show’s fifth season start in September, and the show’s stars warn the punch lines might hurt. “We’re gonna deal with the economy, the recession, all kinds of schemes, and mortgage crisis and all that,” said Charlie Day. “[It’ll be] topical humor as we usually do.”

As for scoop on what to look out for, here’s what we learned: Sweet Dee will steal Octomom’s thunder by attempting infamy with possible multiple pregnancies; the gang will embark on a road trip out of Philadelphia; and home videos will take everyone back to their childhoods, and introduce viewers to a younger, hairier version of Frank Reynolds.

Catch the new season and watch full episodes on Fancast.

Watch Full Episodes of ‘It’s Always Sunny’ on Fancast.

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