Melissa Rivers: “I Found Myself In The Movie ‘Mean Girls'”

Just when you think you’re done with high school, you get the pleasure of living it all over again as an adult. Welcome to ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’

On Twitter last night Brande was commenting that I had only bad things to say about her. This is Brandes’ actual Twitter text; “driving back from my parents’ place and getting texts about the mean things Melissa’s saying… can’t wait 2 get home and watch!” Get home and watch what? I said nothing mean to her; I was being open and honest with my thoughts. Which was that for this particular task, Brande simply didn’t have a niche. She just talked aimlessly to the designers about nothing. At one point it looked almost like she was rehearsing for a possible future as a talk show host.

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But there was an underlying motivation spurring Brande this past week. This is what you don’t know and why with my team, I somehow found myself living in the movie Mean Girls. A few days before we started this task, I was going to dinner with my mom and invited Annie to join us.

Everyone on the show knew that Annie was alone in New York, homesick and missing her kids, so I wanted to invite her to dinner. Sounds harmless enough, right? During our dinner conversation Annie was destroying Brande saying over and over again, “She’s got to go..she’s go to go…”

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Which came to surprise me later when I found out that after dinner Annie went running back to Brande saying that my mom and I invited her (without saying because we knew she was homesick and missed her kids) and what a fabulous time we all had. Annie was kind of rubbing it in Brande’s face, alluding that we left her behind. Brande took Annie’s version of the dinner invitation and became hostile feeling that she had been left out. For whatever reason she has, Annie has manipulated Brande straight down the line. It is high school all over again.

It came as no surprise to any of us that our Project Manager, Brian, would be fired. We could all see, and I’m sure you could too, that Brian was tired, over it and basically done with the whole Apprentice thing. He wanted to leave. But in his defense, it appeared on the show that our team didn’t have the designs for the Lifelock display ready fast enough. The reality is that our graphic designer was the slowest man on earth. It had nothing to do with our team being unprepared.

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Also on the show a lot of you might have been surprised to see my mom and Clint getting along so well after last weeks’ boardroom battle. But here’s the deal with my mom. She doesn’t hold grudges and understands that she and Clint still have to work together. She always says what she thinks and moves on. It really depends on how a person is wired in order to understand and handle her thoughts, and then move on from them. Clint is wired to accept it. However, I don’t think her approach would work at all with anyone on my team.

And as a bonus for you (not for us) Donald handed out the next task right there in the boardroom. It’s a wild episode and let me give you a little heads up about what’s to come. Much of the episode will be spent worrying about Brande. Brand’s hair, Brande’s costume, Brande’s jewelry… Marcia..Marcia…Marcia… Next week you are going see us go even deeper into the ring of hell that is high school, as this fearless warrior charges on…. Till then…

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