The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – Week 8!

The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – TAXIS, TRANSVESTITES, & TEETH IN THAILAND

Hello Everyone!

Last night’s Episode #8 of The Amazing Race took our teams to Bangkok, Thailand, for a truly unforgettable episode! We also have coverage of our recent appearance at the BAMBOOZLE music festival, an update on Phil Keoghan’s “RIDE ACROSS AMERICA,” and more! Let’s get started with today’s BLOG……….


The show began with teams departing from the Pitstop in Phuket, Thailand en route to Bangkok, Thailand. Tammy & Victor, being the first team to arrive at the Pitstop in the previous episode, were the first to depart.

All 5 remaining teams made it to the airport and booked the 7:25am flight from Phuket to Bangkok. When the plane hit the ground, the first clue of the day instructed the teams to travel by taxi to a boatyard.

[iframe—Taxi-Jumble/embed 420 355]

Margie & Luke were the first team to score a taxi, with sisters Kisha & Jen hot on their trail. Redheads Cara & Jaime again expressed frustration with the language barrier in Thailand.  Jaime stated “The language barrier really aggravates me and frustrates me, and I become a lunatic. And there’s nothing I can do to stop it. It’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

Margie & Luke then arrived at the boatyard and were confronted with a ROADBLOCK. In this week’s Roadblock, one team member had to properly assemble a boat propeller. Once assembled and checked by a foreman, both team members could then get into the boat and ride to their next destination.

Margie volunteered to take this task, as Cara & Jaime arrived on the scene. Margie completed this task with no difficulty whatsoever and jumped into the boat with Luke! The mother and son now had to navigate through the Bangkok canals to find the Peninsula Pier.

As Jaime worked on the propeller task, siblings Tammy & Victor began the Roadblock. Jaime soon completed the task, she and Cara jumped into their boat, but then they decided to head back to their taxi and grab their backpacks. After retrieving their bags, the redheads hopped into the boat and sped off to the Peninsula Pier.


As Victor struggled with the Roadblock, Mark & Michael completed it, jumped into their boat, and sped away. The stuntmen decided to leave their bags behind, assuming they would be coming back to the boatyard.

Kisha & Jen soon finished the Roadblock as well and jumped into their boat, leaving behind not only their backpacks…..but Kisha’s SHOES and their FANNY PACK (which contained their Passports, Travel Documents, Money, & more!)

Didn’t our dear sisters learn from last season that you NEVER EVER lose possession of your Fanny Pack??? It is your LIFELINE in the Amazing Race —- remember the fate of mother and son Toni & Dallas from last season? The LOSS of their Fanny Pack in Moscow, Russia is what lead to the elimination of this otherwise STRONG team…….See previous BLOG entry here!

After struggling and numerous attempts, Victor finally properly secured the propeller to his boat. Before jumping aboard, Tammy & Victor made a conscious decision to return to their taxis and grab their bags.

As their boats began to approach the Peninsula Pier, both Mark & Michael and Kisha & Jen began to wonder about their backpacks…..and if it was wise to leave them behind. Jen became VERY worried when she realized that Kisha had also left her shoes and their Fanny Pack! Both teams decided not to turn around, but rather to keep pushing forward.

Margie & Luke soon arrived at the Peninsula Pier in first place, where they discovered a DETOUR. The choice was BROKEN TEETH or BROKEN RECORD. In Broken Teeth, teams would need to play dentists —— that is, they had to search through 50 sets of dentures to find the proper matches for 5 elderly patients. In Broken Record, teams would need to choose a Karaoke Taxi, jump inside with some local “party kids,” and sing along with a Thai pop music video.

Believe it or not – in Thailand they really DO have taxis that have KARAOKE machines installed in them, for the passengers to use!

Margie & Luke chose “Broken Teeth” as Cara & Jaime chose “Broken Record.” Mark & Michael also arrived, noticing that the redheads had their backpacks.

The Brothers Start to RUMBLE

The stuntmen brothers now realized that they had made a MAJOR mistake leaving their backpacks behind at the boatyard. Michael INSISTED that they go back for them, as Mark lamented that they should just push forward. Mark remarked to Michael: “I’d rather give up those bags and finish this leg. You don’t want the million dollars.” The brothers finally decided to jump into a taxi and head back to the boatyard to get the bags.

[iframe—Abandoned-Backpacks/embed 420 355]

Sisters Kisha & Jen also debated on whether or not to push forward with the Detour or to head back for their bags. Unlike the stuntmen, the girls went ahead and started the “Broken Record” task.

When Tammy & Victor arrived at the Detour, they too chose the Karaoke-singing challenge….with Tammy excitedly remarking, “Maybe it will be a Thai version of Whitney Houston!”

Margie & Luke were the only team to choose the “Broken Teeth” Detour…..and it was not an easy one. Margie & Luke started placing dentures in the mouths of the elderly patients, but Luke in particular struggled to find the proper dentures that matched the patients. Luke even inadvertently tried putting “bottom arch” dentures on the tops of the patients’ mouths.

Margie, however, was very adept at this challenge……as a Nurse, she was very comfortable working with the patients. She successfully matched dentures for all 5 patients, earning the final clue instructing them to the PISTOP at Phya Thai Palace.


After the denture challenge, Margie & Luke quickly arrived at Phil’s Mat in FIRST PLACE. For their victory, Phil rewarded the team with a trip for two to San Juan, Puerto Rico, courtesy of Travelocity.

After Margie’s collapse due to heat exhaustion in the last leg, there had been much concern online about how the duo would fare in tonight’s episode. Needless to say, Margie & Luke not only rebounded but EXCELLED —- further proving their tenacity and near-perfect teamwork! As we noted in last week’s BLOG, Margie & Luke are without question the most CONSISTENT team in the game this season.


Back at the Detour, the Karaoke Taxi challenge proved to be HILARIOUS. When Tammy & Victor arrived at their Karaoke Taxi, Tammy was excited to see they’d be partying with, as she put it, “Mai Thai Trannies!” The “party kids” that were accompanying the teams in the Karaoke Taxis were colorful, glitter-make-up-wearing, cross-dressing club kids! Where was this challenge on OUR SEASON of Amazing Race for crying out loud!!!!!!!! ;-)

The “trannies” that Tammy referred to are actually known in Thailand as “kathoey,” which translates in english to “ladyboys.”

We also did a little research this evening and we actually found the song that the teams had to sing —— the title is “Sao Bang Poe” by Mayura Fahsithong. And here is the actual Karaoke music video that was playing in their Taxis….check it out below and feel free to SING ALONG:

[iframe 445 364]

Kisha & Jen soon completed their Karaoke Taxi ride and received the final clue directing them to the Pitstop. Problem was: they had NO MONEY, as their cash was in the Fanny Pack they had left at the boatyard. The girls begged a nearby taxi to drive them to the Pitstop for free; surprisingly the driver agreed!

Meanwhile, Cara & Jaime checked into the Pitstop in an impressive second place.

It came down to a footrace between Kisha & Jen and Tammy & Victor, who both arrived at the mat simultaneously. It was then that Phil delivered the BAD news to Kisha & Jen that he could NOT check them into the Pitstop without their Passports and Travel Documents……which were in the Fanny Pack they left at the boatyard.

The girls immediately sprinted away from the Mat, trying to flag a taxi to take them back to the boatyard……….

Mark & Michael made it back to the boatyard and retrieved their bags…..then jumped back into the taxi to head to the Detour point. They then realized that these extra taxi rides were going to cost them more money than they had………so they bargained with their driver, offering him their flashlight and compass in exchange for the ride.

At the Detour point, Mark & Michael chose the Karoke Taxi challenge….and remarked that they really needed to sing their hearts out to “impress these pretty local girls!” Concurrently, Kisha & Jen made it back to the boatyard and retrieved their backpacks, Fanny Pack, and Kisha’s shoes.

Mark & Michael completed the Karoke challenge and received their final clue, directing them to the Pitstop. Again, they bargained with their taxi driver to drive them to the Pitstop in exchange for some of their belongings.


Mark & Michael arrived at the Mat to hear Phil say they were team number 4. The stuntmen were clearly elated to not be in last place…….only to then receive the BAD news that they had incurred not one but TWO PENALTIES during the course.

[iframe—Close-Call/embed 420 355]

Phil reminded the duo that it is AGAINST RACE RULES to use personal belongings to purchase services or goods. Mark & Michael had used their personal belongings to purchase taxi cab rides……TWICE. Phil thus penalized them with TWO 2-HOUR PENALTIES………

Phil informed the stuntmen that they would need to wait 4 HOURS [representing 2 hours per penalty] before they would be allowed to check-in to the Pitstop. The now distraught Mark & Michael found a spot to sit and nervously wait out their penalty.

As the stuntmen waited, Kisha & Jen arrived at the Mat, thinking they were surely going to be eliminated. To their surprise, Phil informed them that they were “Team number 4” and thus still in the game! with tears in her eyes, Kisha remarked: “We didn’t want one rough day to totally ruin our chances. It was a tough day.”


With no other teams behind Mark & Michael, Phil called to the stuntmen to go ahead and step onto the Mat. Phil informed them that they were in last place……but then gave them their first GOOD NEWS of the day……that this was a NON-ELIMINATION LEG!

In this edition of the Amazing Race, out of the 12 Legs, three were pre-selected to be NON-ELIMINATION LEGS. However, the teams do not know WHICH legs will be non-eliminations.

Luckily for Mark & Michael, Leg #8 was the second of the three NON-ELIMINATIONS in this edition. Although Mark & Michael were “saved to fight another day,” they will have to face a penalty in the form of a SPEEDBUMP in the next leg of the Race. A SPEEDBUMP is a time-consuming “extra task” that ONLY Mark & Michael will have to complete.

Additionally, due to the 4 hour penalty levied against them because of the illegal taxi-barter, Mark & Michael will be departing from the pitstop HOURS after the other remaining four teams.

The brothers stated in closing: “We have two major obstacles in this next leg. We have the Speed Bump and we have the time factor, but we’re not the type of guys that give up. We’re in the game. We’re gonna play it.”

[iframe—Dont-Count-Them-Out/embed 420 355]


1. Margie & Luke
2. Cara & Jaime
3. Tammy & Victor
4. Kisha & Jen
5. Mark & Michael [NON-ELIMINATION LEG]


*Margie & Luke have now TIED Tammy & Victor for “most first place finishes.”

*Cara & Jaime continue to impress with a decisive second place victory! The Karaoke challenge proved to be great “stress relief” for these two!

*The preview for next week’s episode looked VICIOUS —– with Luke and Jen calling each other “bitch” on multiple occasions………..

*Mark & Michael continue to obliviously break the rules. They don’t seem to be doing it vindictively, they just need to read the rulebook a little closer ;o)

*If you only learned one lesson from this Episode: NEVER leave your bag behind!!!!!

Kynt & Vyxsin at the BAMBOOZLE Music Festival with the KEEP A BREAST Foundation

This past weekend, we appeared at the world famous BAMBOOZLE!

If you haven’t heard of it, you definitely need to —– The BAMBOOZLE is a HUGE outdoor two-day music festival which typically draws over 50,000 fans!

This year’s “West Coast” Bamboozle was held at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, California and boasted a “who’s who” list of rock, metal, indie, punk, and hardcore bands. Headliners included: FALL OUT BOY, ALL TIME LOW, METRO STATION, the DEFTONES, 50 CENT, BREATHE CAROLINA, and BROKENCYDE.

We appeared at Bamboozle courtesy of the KEEP A BREAST Foundation —- a philanthropic organization which raises funds and awareness for Breast Cancer. KEEP A BREAST is working to eradicate breast cancer by
exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection, and support. The group takes a younger, hip approach to breast cancer awareness with their legendary “I Love Boobies” T-shirt campaign and awareness buttons. The group also produces art benefits exhibiting one-of-a-kind plaster forms of the female torso, auctioned off to raise funds for breast cancer programs all over the world.

Check out KEEP A BREAST having some fun with several popular bands!

[iframe 445 364]

You can check out KEEP A BREAST online and also make donations to the group at their website.

Anyway, it was an AMAZING two-days! In addition to spending time with our girls from KEEP A BREAST, we had the opportunity to meet many online friends, Amazing Race fans, and Blog readers!

Let’s recap these two days with a little photo essay:

All in all, it was a FUN and INSPIRING weekend!!!

We would like to give a great THANK YOU to the KEEP A BREAST Foundation for hosting us at Bamboozle! And if you want one of the “I LOVE BOOBIES” T-shirts [and we know you do], just head over to:

Also, the BAMBOOZLE TOUR is on the road! This week, the tour will be invading Florida, Georgia, Indiana, and more… check out the dates/cities just visit:


If you haven’t heard, Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan is literally BIKE-RIDING across America to raise awareness and funds for the US National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The ride also coincides with the launch of Phil’s own NOW One Square Meal Bars at GNC stores nationwide. [Sidenote: NOW is an acronym for “No Opportunity Wasted,” the title of Phil’s popular self-motivational book.]

Phil recently checked-in live from Pagosa, Colorado on the Bonnie Hunt Show:

[iframe 300 260]

Don’t forget…….if YOU want to get involved, you still have the chance to RIDE right alongside Phil!

Below are the DATES and CITIES for the “kick-off” of the remaining legs of Phil’s journey:

*Omaha, NE – THIS Saturday April 18

*Chicago, IL – NEXT Saturday April 25

*Pittsburgh, PA – Saturday May 2

*Gaithersburg, MD (Washington DC) – Tuesday May 5

*Baltimore, MD – Wednesday May 6

*Philadelphia, PA – Thursday May 7

*New York City – Date TBA

If you would like to REGISTER to RIDE WITH PHIL on any of the above listed dates, just visit this LINK.

And for more information on Phil’s cross-country adventure, visit the official website.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful chance to not only MEET Phil Keoghan, but to BIKE-RIDE with him, while raising funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

To make a donation to the National MS Society, please visit their page.


If you live in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA or a surrounding area and would like to “talk Race” in person, come out to the LA COMIC BOOK & SCI-FI CONVENTION —- SUNDAY April 26th!!!

Here are the details below — MARK YOUR CALENDAR:

—LA Comic Book & Sci-Fi Convention

—Sunday April 26th, 10am to 5pm

—Kynt and Vyxsin will be appearing in the “AUTOGRAPH AREA”

—Watch for SUPERSTARS from Film, TV, Comics, and Animation!

—Don’t miss the VENDOR AREA with COMICS, CLOTHING, ARTWORK, TOYS, Figures, Anime, DVD’s, Vintage Videos, Collectibles, Memorabilia, and more!

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—The SHRINE Hall is located just North of the USC campus & is near the cross streets of Jefferson & Figueroa.

—Admission is $8


***We are expecting a GREAT turn-out for this month’s LA Comic Book & Sci-Fi Con, so be sure to get there EARLY!

If you live in Los Angeles or a surrounding area, please come out and play!


Right now is truly the PERFECT time to be a fan of the Amazing Race!

So Mark You Calendars:

*EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT – 8pm EST – the NEW Amazing Race Season 14 – CBS
(America) and CTV (Canada)

*EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT – 8pm EST – REPLAY of the NEW Amazing Race Season
14 – Travel Channel


We will be back here with you next Monday with our review of Amazing Race Episode #9, as well as coverage of our LATEST AMAZING RACE PARTIES!!

See you RIGHT HERE on next time —– DON’T MISS IT!!!

:::Kisses and Cupcakes:::

Kynt and Vyxsin

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