‘Sit Down, Shut Up’ Pop Quiz With Henry Winkler

Forget the thumbs-up and an “aaay,” starting on Sunday night Henry Winkler has a new TV catchphrase on Fox’s animated comedy Sit Down Shut Up. In SDSU, Winkler voices the character of Willard Deutschebog, a hapless, middle-aged German teacher at Knob Haven High School who’s prone to randomly uttering the phrase “If I believed in reincarnation, I’d kill myself tonight.” It’s a bit darker than anything the Fonz would say, but we’re not living in Happy Days anymore, either. In order to get in the spirit of high school, we decided to spring a pop quiz on Winkler and see how he performed. It didn’t hurt that all the questions were about himself, though. The results, below.

NAME: Henry Winkler
IF I WERE A HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER I’D TEACH: Child Psychology. To make sure that every student’s self image is as strong as it could be.
FAVORITE CHARACTER I’VE PLAYED: I don’t have a favorite character, because I see them as my children. And I don’t have a favorite there either. The Fonz was fun. The coach in the Waterboy was fun, and FBI Agent Bloom on an upcoming NUMB3RS was amazing.
BEST HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: I don’t have one single great memory from high school…wait a minute…here comes one. I lost my virginity the Summer of my Senior year. I was taking geometry for the 4th time.
WORST HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: How do I put this…let me just say…high school.
FAVORITE TEACHER: My music teacher, Mr. Rock, who is featured in Hank Zipzer: The World’s Greatest Underachiever. The novels I write with Lin Oliver, Mr. Rock said to me “Winkler, I believe in you. ” I carry that sentence with me always. Having learning challenges, school was unbelievable difficult for me. My American History said, “Winkler, if you ever DO get out of here you’ll be great.” Most of my teachers thought I would be in high school for about 28 years.
LEAST FAVORITE TEACHER: Ms. Adolf, 4th grade, I’m sure she was related. I raised my hand, in the 4th grade, to get permission to go to the boys room, I’m still waiting for her to call on me. She too is featured in Hank Zipzer.

Sit Down Shut Up Premieres Sunday, April 19 on FOX at 8:30 PM ET.

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