Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Lots of Song and Dance! (Just Not The ‘Dancing With The Stars/American Idol’ Kind)

There’s lots of tap dancing, (swan) song rehearsing and all-around nervous humming going on in the sci fi television universe as certain shows await their fate.  Has Terminator‘s chip really been extracted?  Will Dollhouse‘s tenants get permanently wiped?

And there’s more news from Doctor Who, Caprica and Bryan Fuller on those small-screen Trek revival rumors.

Read on.

Will They Really Not Be Baaaaaack, or What?

EW’s Ausiello Files reports that the prognosis for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is indeed terminal.  However, I09 has since relayed some terse twitter from the likes of show scribe Ashley Edward Miller, who insists that for TSCC, the end is NOT yet totally and completely nigh, thank you very much.  Whatever the case may be, over at CBR News, Brian Austin Green (whose “He’s Dead!  No, wait…!” character arc nicely mirrors this whole debate) analyzes that whopper of a finale and discusses where he’d like to see the show head, should a stay of execution actually be granted.

Whedon and Dushku Insist They’re Not Done Playing With Dolls

At THR, coverage of Joss Whedon’s PaleyFest appearance captures the Dollhouse creator’s rollercoaster reactions to all the “Will they or won’t they (renew)?” brouhaha.  Insists Whedon:  “I’ve gone from a sort of place of ‘You don’t even care, nobody loves me’ [laughs] to a place of God, I can’t believe I’m saying this … hope.” And star Eliza Dushku is singing a relatively chipper tune about her show’s chances for a second season.

New Who-niverse Continues To Re-Generate

Not the least bit nervous about their show’s long-term chances are the folk behind Doctor Who, who are gearing up for the 31st season starring Matt Smith.  Variety outlines the latest additions to the production team, which includes Tracie Simpson, Beth Willis and screenwriter Peter Bennett.

Because There’s No Such Thing As A Free Launch

The April 21st digital download availability and DVD release of the Caprica pilot is a’ loomin’. While the “suggested” retail price for the DVD is $26.98, looks like many retailers are suggesting otherwise…..Amazon, for instance, is offering it up at the relatively bargain cost of $17.49.  (Or you could hold out for its totally bargain cost of ‘free’ when it finally debuts on Sci Fi Sy Fy next year.)

Anyway……over at Sci Fi Wire, in preparation for said launch, Caprica‘s creators are vlogging about the show.  So far two out of three vlogs have debuted – one in which the exec prods, the director and a few cast members wax eloquent about how this show is nothing like Battlestar, mostly (except for delving into the whole backstory of the BSG universe); and one in which director Jeffrey Reiner does a ‘day in the life of’ thing.

What’s Warp Speed Got To Do With It?

Also at Sci Fi Wire is an interview with Bryan Fuller in which he pitches his vision for a new and improved Star Trek (the small screen kind, of course – looks like that big screen remake angle is totally covered).  Though Fuller admits the project is at that pivotal “pipe dream” phase at the moment, he’s got some incredibly interesting ideas…..which include Angela Bassett in the captain’s chair.

And that’s the best of the baffling and bemusing this week.

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