‘Sit Down, Shut Up’ Pop Quiz With Kristin Chenoweth

The fun just keeps on coming today! Now Henry Winkler and Nick Kroll’s Sit Down, Shut Up co-star Kristin Chenoweth has joined in on the pop quiz antics. In SDSU, Chenoweth voices Miracle Grohe, Knob Haven High School’s spacey, new-agey science teacher with a penchant for going shoeless. Below, Chenoweth’s responses to the pop quiz.

NAME: Kristin Dawn Chenoweth
CATCHPHRASE I WISH WERE MINE: Fake it till you make it.
IF I WERE A HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER I’D TEACH: Music because I should certainly never be allowed in a math room!
FAVORITE CHARACTER I’VE PLAYED: Cunegonde in the Opera Candide, because I get to sing the way I was trained to sing and be funny!
BEST HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: Playing the lead in the senior year musical Cinderella.
WORST HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: A girl wanted to beat me up in the girl’s bathroom for being too happy.
FAVORITE TEACHER: Mr. Larry Thompson, in high school, he was my choir teacher and suggested OCU so I could study under my mentor Florence Birdwell. So I got 2 for 1!
LEAST FAVORITE TEACHER: My first high school choir teacher, who didn’t want to help me …I don’t think she liked me. Since I loved singing so much my first 2 years were hard cause she wasn’t nice. She wanted to be the principal! Not the choir teacher.

Sit Down Shut Up Premieres Sunday, April 19 on FOX at 8:30 PM ET.

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