‘Sit Down, Shut Up’ Pop Quiz With Nick Kroll

Not to be upstaged by his co-star Henry Winkler, Sit Down, Shut Up’s Nick Kroll decided to participate in our little pop quiz from yesterday. In SDSU, Kroll voices Andrew LeGustambos, Knob Haven High School’s first openly bi-sexual drama teacher. Kroll, who you may know from his role on ABC’s short-lived Geico commercial-based comedy Cavemen, joked about starring in another show in which his actual face is never seen, saying “I’m still anonymous, and that’s exactly the way I like to keep it.” Below, Kroll’s answers to the quiz.

NAME: nick kroll
IF I WERE A HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER I’D TEACH: i was actually a teacher. well, an after school teacher and i taught improv and standup comedy to kids. i used to fall asleep while they were doing scenes and realized i probably wasnt cut out to be a teacher. i didnt stop teaching, i just realized i wasn’t cut out for it.
FAVORITE CHARACTER I’VE PLAYED: i played henry winkler in the jason bateman story. it never got made…
BEST HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: losing my virginity.
WORST HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: lying about losing my virginity in high school.
FAVORITE TEACHER: dr. christie – he taught my philosophy class and whenever i’d see him in the hallway and ask “how you doing, dr. christie” he’d simply respond “living.” the coolest answer to this day that i’ve heard in response to that question.
LEAST FAVORITE TEACHER: henry winkler’s least favorite teacher. we were in the same class.

Sit Down Shut Up Premieres Sunday, April 19 on FOX at 8:30 PM ET.

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