‘Desperate Housewives’ – Will Jesse Metcalfe Come Back? And Why No Party For Nicollette?

After Edie’s electrocution on Sunday, you might think there’s not much that can top ‘Desperate Housewives.’ But after talking to the cast at PaleyFest 09′ on Saturday at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood, we beg to differ: We were tipped off to a very juicy hook-up between Mike and Katherine and the possibility of an old character from the first season coming back for the season finale – and by “old” we mean “hot” and by character, we mean “maybe Jesse Metcalfe!?”

And…just who was a little bit hungover at the event, and what did the cast not do to say goodbye to Nicollette – that maybe they should have?

Read on for this and other fancastic tidbits below and after the jump.

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James Denton – “Mike Delfino”
Have you guys thrown a going away party for Nicollette?
We haven’t because we’re still jamming to get the season finished. At this point you’re so far behind that you are trying to get an episode finished and there’s not even one in the can to air. So we haven’t really done anything at all. We didn’t make a big deal out of it. Her last night of shooting was like ah, whatever, see ya later. Because we know we’ll see each other plenty of times. Hopefully she’ll come back but I think we also sort of avoided any big goodbyes because nobody really wanted to have one.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Desperate-Housewives/93750/1097999826/A-Fond-Farewell-for-Sheridan/embed 420 355]

What’s coming up for your character?
Well Mike and Katherine are together now and it looks like they’re going to be for a while. That has been a lot of fun because Dana is brilliant and it’s been fun working with her. But first we’ve got to figure out how to stop Dave from getting his revenge in the finale because he’s got a really creepy, scary plan. And hopefully Mike will. . . I don’t know yet. We’re shooting it next week. I haven’t seen the script. But hopefully Mike will get in there somehow and help stop him.

Dana Delany – “Katherine Mayfair”
Any big news for Mike and Katherine?
Big romance between Katherine and Mike, it will be very romantic.

Kyle MacLachlan – “Orson Hodge”
Orson’s gotten pretty shady, what will he pull next?
A return to diabolical Orson, a slow return and that’s pretty exciting to see what’s going to happen between him and Bree.

After the red carpet, show creator Marc Cherry worked his magic on the crowd of ‘Desperate Housewives’ fans and critics, along with a very jovial cast. Topics ranged from little to big:

Could Mary Alice come back from the dead?
Mary Alice may be dead but Brenda Strong has her own ideas about somehow coming back to the set – alive: “Some woman magically moves to Wisteria Lane, is a brunette and looks uncannily like Mary Alice,” she said during the panel. “She starts to have behaviors that remind her neighbors of her. I had a theory that Mary Alice slept with all the men of Wisteria Lane and that’s why she killed herself (laughs)” Unfortunately, Marc Cherry does not take this possibility too seriously, telling us “when I kill [my characters] I like them to stay dead.”

Why kill off Edie Britt?
“The show goes on for years and years and years,” explained Marc about his decision to let Nicollette Sheridan’s character go. “I have a desire to keep you guys engaged. I have to surprise you. I have to come up with new characters that intrigue you, I have to keep this thing fresh. And I’ve known for a long time that I would be killing off a major character around season five. And I didn’t necessarily know who it would be, but I plan these things a while in advance. You might like some decisions better than others…it opens up the opportunity to bring someone new to the Lane. Nicollette played Edie better than anyone in this town can and I respect her so much for that.”

Can we expect additional flash forward jumps?
“It was terrific, we got to shock everyone, we got to make Eva Longoria unattractive, which is so impossible,” said Marc Cherry about the five year jump this season. “It became a fun thing for the writing staff. And well, maybe that last episode they’ll all be 80, I don’t know. It’s all about getting back to the Golden Girls [laughs]. But you know that, I’ve done that gimmick and I hope I can come up with something else to keep everyone on their toes.”

Is Teri as clumsy as Susan?
Teri Hatcher, who added that she was still hungover from a night of charity wine tasting, shared with the audience how she is just as clumsy as her character, Susan. “I walked into a swarm of bees this morning. This has happened to me four times,” she said. “I think she’s still drunk,” joked Eva Longoria.

What about Susan & Mike rekindling their romance?
Marc Cherry also opened up about a possibility of this very unlikely reunion: “Right from the start with Mike and Susan, you have that one couple who was there in the pilot…The trick is they were happy during season four – but happiness kills drama. You know, we’ll get back there, I don’t know when. Right now it’s great to explore the relationship of two people that care about each other but that are divorced and share a child. It looks like we’ve got a few years to play this out, so I imagine at some point Susan and Mike will find their way into each other’s universe but it might not be soon.”

And just who is the big character that will be coming back?
“A major character from the first two seasons will be featured in the last five minutes of our season finale. It will be a big shock, who I’ve decided to bring back.” When the panel moderator quickly suggested, “Jesse’s a character from the first two seasons we haven’t seen in a long time,” Marc Cherry looked smug for a second, then jumped up and yelled “Thank you so much everyone!” the lights of the theater dimmed and that was the end of the panel.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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