The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – Week 9!

The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – MELTDOWN AT THE MAT

Hello Everyone!

Last night’s Episode #9 of The Amazing Race took the Final 5 teams to Guilin, China.  The majestic scenery and surreal visuals were over-shadowed, however, by one of the most intense confrontations in the history of the series: elbows were thrown, names were called, accusations were hurled.  We also have a special announcement regarding an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with an “Amazing” host, an update on Phil Keoghan’s “RIDE ACROSS AMERICA,” and more!  Let’s get READY TO RUMBLE with today’s BLOG……….


The show began with teams departing from the Pit-stop in Bangkok, Thailand en route to Guilin, China. Margie & Luke, being the first team to arrive at the Pit-stop in the previous episode, were the first to depart.

Margie & Luke were the first team to arrive at the airport, and almost immediately boarded an 11:20am flight to Guangzhou, where they would then wait for a connecting flight to Guilen at 8:30pm.

One by one, the other teams began to depart from the Pit-stop and caught taxis to the airport.  During these cab rides, the teams reflected and looked forward to the Leg ahead.  Tammy & Victor were elated to see that their next destination would be China……as the siblings are Chinese, and Tammy mentioned that she had actually visited China before.  Over in the Redhead’s taxi, Cara mentioned that Jaime often gets frustrated with taxi drivers but that she tries to stay out of the crossfire.  In a moment of true foreshadowing, Jen mentioned, regarding the Final 5, “If I see someone ahead of me, I’m gonna knock them down!”

[iframe—First-Flight-Out/embed 420 355]

Cara & Jaime and Tammy & Victor booked a 1:15pm flight to Guangzhou, where they too would then wait for the 8:30pm flight to Guilin.  Kisha & Jen scored a 3:20pm flight to Guangzhou, with a 9:10pm flight to Guilin.

The poor stuntmen Mark & Michael left the Pit-stop HOURS behind the other 4 teams and had to settle for a 6:30pm flight to Guangzhou.

Soonafter, Margie & Luke, Cara & Jaime, and Tammy & Victor all found themselves together at the Guangzhou airport……and learned that the 8:30pm flight to Guilin was DELAYED.

Meanwhile, Kisha & Jen’s 9:10pm flight to Guilin was unimpeded, so the sisters landed in China now in FIRST PLACE!  The first clue of the day instructed teams to travel by taxi to the street of Qing Xiu Lu, where they would find a hair salon

Shortly after Kisha & Jen’s arrival in China —- Tammy & Victor, Cara & Jaime, and Margie & Luke arrived and jumped in taxis enroute to Qing Xiu Lu.  Tammy & Victor excitedly remarked, “It feels good to be in a country where we are the only team who speaks the language!”  Kisha & Jen noted their distrust for Margie & Luke, feeling the mother/son mislead them regarding directions in Bangkok.

Cara & Jaime experienced the best “taxi luck” of all the teams, as their driver delivered them to Qing Xiu Lu and the hair salon, putting the redheads in first place.  At the hair salon, the girls received their next clue, instructing them to travel to the #24 Bridge at the Li River.  After the redheads, Tammy & Victor were the next team to reach the hair salon.


Let the fireworks (and the slow motion replays) begin………….

Kisha & Jen and Margie & Luke arrived at the hair salon almost simultaneously……..Luke and Jen spotted the cluebox and made their move!

Luke and Jen charged the cluebox at the same time…..Luke reached the cluebox first,  Jen came up behind him and bumped him, and Luke threw his left elbow back, almost connecting with Jen’s face.  Jen then called Luke a “bitch.”

As the two teams sped away in their taxis, Jen remarked, “I called him a bitch because it was a bitch move, bitch!”  Margie then explained to Luke that Jen had called him a “bitch” to which Luke replied “Calling a deaf guy a bitch is not nice.”

Around this time, Mark & Michael enthusiastically landed in China, albeit in a distant last place.  The stuntment showed great intensity as they fled the airport onto the streets of Guilin. Since the stuntmen were “saved from elimination” in the previous episode, courtesy of this season’s SECOND non-elimination leg, they knew that at some point in this Leg they would be confronted with a SPEEDBUMP —– that is, a time-consuming task that ONLY they would have to complete.

[iframe—Bird-Talk/embed 420 355]

Tammy & Victor were the first team to arrive at the #24 Bridge and were confronted with a ROADBLOCK.  In this week’s Roadblock, one team member would need to take a boat out on the Li River and use cormorants (trained birds!!) to capture fish!  Once they collected 10 fish in their basket, they would receive their next clue.


Once again, Margie & Luke and Kisha & Jen arrived at #24 Bridge simultaneously.  This time, Jen made it to the cluebox first, with Luke plowing into her from behind.  Jen retaliated by throwing an elbow of her own.

Redhead Jaime now began the Roadblock task, along with Luke and Jen.

The spectacle of the cormorants retrieving the fish from underwater was truly one of those “only on the Amazing Race” moments that we have come to know and love!

A few of the cormorants were naughty though……Tammy had a few of her birds fly away and Luke got BIT on the hand by one of his birds. OUCHIE!  Jen remarked that she felt that bite was “karma” getting back at Luke for their scuffles.

Jen was the first to complete the Roadblock, receiving a clue directing them to the Ancient South Gate.


Mark & Michael arrived at the hair salon, where their Speedbump task awaited.  For their Speedbump, the stuntmen had to become stylists —– shampooing, washing, and drying the hair of two elderly ladies. Mark & Michael dove in, giving their clients quite a nice head massage as they shampooed them.  They completed the task with flying colors, receiving the clue directing them to the #24 Bridge.

Kisha & Jen arrived at the Ancient South Gate, where they discovered a DETOUR.  The choice was: Choreography or Calligraphy.  In Choreography, teams had to perform a choreographed morning dance routine alongside a group of local dancers.  A panel of judges would decide if the dance was performed correctly.  In Calligraphy, teams had to copy difficult Chinese characters to find the name of the next artist’s station…..and travel from station to station until arriving at the final one.

Kisha & Jen chose Calligraphy, with Margie & Luke and Tammy & Victor right beside them.  Noticing that Tammy & Victor spoke Chinese, the two other teams made a wise decision to follow Tammy & Victor CLOSELY! This strategy lead to these three teams completing the Detour simultaneously….thus receiving the final clue, instructing them to travel to the Pit-stop at Banyan Lake.

As former NFL cheerleaders and thus no strangers to choreography, Cara & Jaime chose the “dance” Detour. Jaime mentioned why she chose not to tackle Calligraphy: “I have atrocious handwriting, in college I could not even read my own notes!”  The redheads encountered a great deal of difficulty with the dance routine, as they struggled with the moves and even bumped into other dancers.  Repeatedly, the judges gave them “thumbs down.”  Soon, the girls realized that they were failing because they were not dancing until the music STOPPED.  With this revelation, they soon completed the task perfectly.


The three-way sprint to the Pit-Stop was perhaps the TIGHTEST FOOTRACE in the history of the Amazing Race.  Tammy & Victor, Margie & Luke, and Kisha & Jen plowed, in unison, toward Phil’s Mat………..with KISHA & JEN scoring their first FIRST PLACE VICTORY!!!  Tammy & Victor achieved second place, with Margie & Luke in third.


Kisha & Jen were visibly overjoyed to score their FIRST first place win. For their victory, Phil rewarded the girls with a trip for two to Barbados, courtesy of Travelocity.  When it came down to pure athleticism in that final mad-dash, the sisters were unstoppable.


Generally, Phil’s Mat is a place of celebration for teams who are not in last place.  Today, however, the Mat was a site of anarchy.

[iframe—Fighting-Words/embed 420 355]

Phil mentioned the “tension” which seemed to arise during this Leg. Both sides —- Margie & Luke and Kisha & Jen —- gave Phil their “versions” of what had happened this day.  Luke became overcome with anger at one point, actually fleeing from the Mat and calling Jen a bitch.  When Luke returned, he signed that it was “his turn” to tell his part of the story…. Kisha & Jen giggled….and Margie blew her stack!  She accused Kisha & Jen of mocking Luke’s deafness and signing.  Margie exclaimed, “He’s lived with this his whole life……You should understand oppression because you’re black and you have lived with it.”  Luke signed that he’s had to deal with “hearing people putting deaf people down.”

Kisha & Jen apologized for any misunderstanding, saying they were in no way laughing at Luke’s handicap………just that they tend to laugh in situations of stress or conflict.

Meanwhile, Cara & Jaime completed their dance and checked into the Pit-stop in fourth place.  This left only Mark & Michael still competing in the Leg, who were promptly eliminated by Phil upon check-in at the Pit-stop.


Sadly, Mark & Michael never recovered from the loss of time they endured due to a lethal combination of their Penalty time [incurred in the previous Leg] and the Speedbump task.  Mark reflected on the experience: “Doing THE AMAZING RACE with my brother was definitely special. He hung in there tough and we definitely created a very strong team to finish where we did in this race.”  Michael replied, “This great race has definitely made me a better person. It’s humbled me a little bit.”

We applaud the stuntmen’s strong performance in the game overall. Although they certainly broke their share of rules, these two men were genuinely good-natured players, who took on each Leg with enthusiastic curiosity and competitive drive.  We look forward to seeing these two on the big screen, as they continue their stuntwork for major motion pictures!


1. Kisha & Jen
2. Tammy & Victor
3. Margie & Luke
4. Cara & Jaime
5. Mark & Michael [ELIMINATED]


*This episode will live forever in Amazing Race infamy.  The confrontation between Luke & Jen escalated physically and verbally as the show progressed, finally “boiling over” at Phil’s Mat.  Clearly, LINES HAVE BEEN DRAWN between Margi & Luke and Kisha & Jen.  This could get interesting in the next few episodes, especially if a chance to U-TURN arises………..

*Tammy & Victor continue to strive.  Victor even noted, “We’ve learned not to attack each other.”  With the emotional earthquakes now far behind them, they are clearly enjoying the Race experience and appreciating the strengths the other brings to the game.  Of the remaining four teams, they have the most solid teamwork at this point.

*As we have mentioned in past Blogs, the athletic prowess of Kisha & Jen is beginning to come more and more into play as we head toward the Race finals.  They are the MOST athletic of the remaining teams and as the Legs continue to escalate in difficulty, we would not be surprised to see the sisters back in first place…….soon.

*Despite some difficulty with the Dance Detour, Cara & Jaime had one of their better Legs, competitively and emotionally.  Jaime was very complimentary toward her cab driver, and seems to be working toward keeping her frustration in check.  As former NFL cheerleaders, these two know how to get into “the zone” as the game heats up.  Although they came in fourth this episode, this is no team to underestimate.


Each week, interviews the most recently eliminated team.  Many of these interviews are quite the EYE-OPENERS… not everything that happens on the Amazing Race makes it onto the televised episodes!

To check out the interviews with the Racers that have been eliminated thus far, just visit the LINK.

Watch for Fancast’s interview with stuntmen Mark & Michael later this week……….


This Wednesday, April 22, be SURE to check back in here at —– as we are proud to present an EXCLUSIVE interview with RAZ MEIRMAN.  Raz is the host of the Amazing Race Israel —— this is the OFFICIAL version of the Amazing Race for Israeli television.

To give you a little background, one year ago, Reshet (one of the top TV production conglomerates in Israel) made HUGE WAVES in the international television market… they struck a licensing agreement with CBS to produce an OFFICIAL version of the Amazing Race for ISRAELI TELEVISION.

The Israeli version was given the name “HaMerotz LaMillion” (Hebrew:?????? ???????) which translates roughly to “The Race for the Million.”  Through an extensive casting campaign, 10 teams of two from Israel were selected to Race, with the winning team taking home ?1,000,000.  Israeli model and celebrity RAZ MEIRMAN was selected for the prestigious position as the host of the series, following in the footsteps of Phil Keoghan!

The Amazing Race Israel (HaMerotz LaMillion) is currently airing weekly in Israel on Channel 2 and the season is at the half-way mark! Check out the intro below:

[iframe 445 364]

This Wednesday, we are proud to present Raz’s FIRST interview with U.S. press —- ONLY on!


If you haven’t heard, Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan is literally BIKE-RIDING across America to raise awareness and funds for the US National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The ride also coincides with the launch of Phil’s own NOW One Square Meal Bars at GNC stores nationwide. [Sidenote: NOW is an acronym for “No Opportunity Wasted,” the title of Phil’s popular self-motivational book.]

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[iframe 445 364]

This past Friday, April 17th, Phil made a “Pit-stop” in Lincoln, Nebraska —— and several Blog Readers were kind enough to send us photos from the festivities!

Let’s recap Phil’s appearance in Lincoln with the photos……..

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We will be back here with you next Monday with our review of Amazing Race Episode #10, as well as coverage of our LATEST AMAZING RACE PARTIES!!

See you RIGHT HERE on next time —– DON’T MISS IT!!!

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