How Green Is Dominic Monaghan on the Set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

Dominic Monaghan comes back to the big screen with ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine,’ out in theaters May 1, and his role as former heroin addict Charlie Pace on ‘Lost’ gave his resume a TV boost. But one thing you might not know is that the Lord of the Rings actor is an avid naturist and environmentalist – he works on animal issues with PETA, he’s a vegetarian, and actually owns a small Indian forest.

We talked to Dominic about greening the set of X-Men and ‘Lost’ and the possibility of him coming back to the TV series at a recent Global Green event. Read on for his tips on what you can also do to save the earth.

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What do you do to support the environment?
I do a little bit of recycling, I drive a Prius, I ride a bike, I have a garden full of flowers. I have green fingers. I’m an avid gardener which is very environmentally friendly.

What was the very first green thing you ever did and why did you do it?
I think I recycled from a very young age. My dad is a very talented gardener and he had a compost heap. By the age of like eight or nine I was recycling. I lived in Germany for a long time and they recycle like crazy over there.

Watch Dominic talk about his involvement with PETA and what his favorite vegetarian dish is after the jump.

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What kind of advice would you give someone as far as where to get information on the subject?
Go online and google a question. That’s the best way to do anything. Just google what’s the best way to recycle. How do I recycle batteries? How do I recycle plastic? Where do I go to find a green car? What’s the best way to be environmentally friendly with my garden? Just ask Google. Google will tell you.

Do you have a green hero?
I like what Leo does. I think he’s fantastic. I’m a big fan of Al Gore’s work. And Jane Goodall is probably my biggest hero. And the work of Sir David Attenborough, he was the reason I became environmentally conscious as a kid.

How green is the Wolverine set?
It depends. I mean if I’m there for a long enough amount of time I’ll get a green recycling bin. But you have to try to get the people to take the trash somewhere. So it’s sort of like collecting trash but then you have to recycle it.

How about Lost? Where they green on set?
Yeah they always recycled. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Will you be back on Lost?
I don’t know, I can’t say. That’s not a question for me it’s a question for the writers. If it were up to me I’d come back in different ways but it’s not really my job.

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