Who Gives A Twit?

Welcome to Twisdom Tuesday! One thing is certain when it comes to Twitter and celebrities, we can expect to read lots of their “twisdom.” I can’t wait until we have the twit-chip that will be installed directly in their brains. That way there’s no stoppage of tweets in case anything horrible happens to one of them. Like my man Steve Buscemi pointed out yesterday:

Steve Buscemi @1:49AM 4/21/09: got his iPhone stolen at a random Mexican restaurant last night. $1,000 reward + no questions asked, though I’d love to beat your face in. Billy Bush @6:01 PM 4/20/09: I must get to 20k followers before cesar milan. He has the ear of the dog, but I have a mic! He is mighty but I am hungry. Tyrese Gibson @12:50AM 4/21/09: “You can OFTEN tell how FAR your LIFE and CAREER will go based on the FIVE PEOPLE you spend the MOST time with” – Will Smith.. Seth Rogen @7:09 PM 4/20/09: Any place with a crap load of weed and a steel drum can be Jamacia. Think about it. Dr. Drew Pinksy @7:07PM 4/20/09: Oh, I get it. It’s 4/20. OK so right I’ll be surprised if B Real is capable of Tweets. Kim Kardashian @10:57PM 4/20/09: I’m in love with Britney Spears!!! Jimmy Fallon @7:45AM 4/21/09: Madonna was thrown from a horse this weekend when the horse was startled by paparazzi and knocked her off. The injuries are pretty serious… she still hasn’t regained full use of her British accent. Brad Garrett @11:54PM 4/20/09: Sorry about the spelling mistakes…long day and big fingers. Courtney Love @5:43AM 4/21/09: my “House” looks like a Storgae Center Mall Open Casting Antiques roadshow of every rockstar who ever trashed a room ever at one time. Giuliana Rancic @5:40AM 4?21/09: On treadmill! Reading my kindle while I crank out my interval run/walk for 35 minutes. Makes time fly by. Ben Stiller @1:03PM 4/20/09: I arrive to find a fruit basket. What the hell. A man needs cookies, not a pinapple.

Note to self..Ben Stiller needs cookies in his gift basket…not fruit…

What do I give a Twit about? Obviously I care about ‘Top Model’‘s girls hitting the beach in Brazil, the new ‘House,‘ and the disgustingly good ‘Busted & Disgusted.

Tweet Out!

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