Who Gives A Twit?

So much going on in Twittywood yesterday, let’s get right to it. Al Roker and Sam Champion are planning a dinner together…weather permitting of course. Ashton Kutcher was enjoying his brisket for lunch while Star Jones feverishly twitted to him from an American Airlines flight trying to make a twit-connection – to no avail. Two very, very important anniversaries were shared with us: Andy Dick twitted that he’s sober for 9 months and Kim Kardashian wished a happy 18 years together to her mom and Bruce Jenner.

With over 100 tweets yesterday from Brad Garrett, it appears to be two chicks in the lead for his summer cyber romance; Lisa Marie and Missy. Twit it out ladies, Brad’s a good man! And lastly, Harvey Levin was feeling the twitter nation love yesterday expressing his excitement about passing the 100 follower mark. OK, 100 followers… That accounts for all the people working in the office when I watch TMZ, now what about the rest of you? Get out there and follow Harvey!
Here’s a fresh picked batch of tweets for your twitting pleasure….

Quentin Tarantino @7:52PM 4/21/09: I HATE COPS. I WAS JUST PULLED OVER FOR NO REASON, THEN HAD TO SIGN AN AUTOGRAPH! JIMINEY CRICKETS! Diablo Cody @8:23PM 4/21/09: Olives are God’s Pringles. Kevin Nealon @6:41AM 4/22/09: Started reading ‘The Power of Now’ which I noticed was published a few years ago. Just wondering…Is it still relevant?

Rainn Wilson @10:35PM 4/21/09: Nearing 500k followers. That’s like the whole entire population of China. Liz Hurley @7:55AM 4/22/09: Blogging ‘American Idol – Thoughts on disco night’ Greg Grunberg @8:23 PM 4/20/09 Tomorrow I will eat cow and floss with cat gut. Then wash it all dpwn with a pint… Of ranch dressing. Join me won’t you? John Lithgow @11:35PM 4/21/09: Trevor Ariza the new Robert Horry? Go Lakes. Sweep. Hulk Hogan @ 3:48PM 4/20/09: I’ve been a little over emotional lately. Gonna take sometime to clear my head. Lance Armstrong @7:07AM 4/22/09: 3 seperate pieces about twitter in nyt today. Safe to say the nyt is obsessed with twitter. Adrianne Curry @8:38 PM 4/21/09: washing my mini in my bikini. more wives should be like me…minus the mental condition! Larry King @11:35 PM 4/21/09: I don’t get it… how does Twitter make money?

Larry, we’ve all been asking ourselves the same question. Please tweet an answer back to us ASAP. And Lance, I think it’s safe to say you and the NYT have a lot in common.

What do I give a Twit about? Our new ‘True Blood‘ preview, last night’s DWTS’ elimination (did you see the show yet?), and Lifetime’s ‘How To Look Good Naked‘ – it’s new on the site. Enjoy.

Tweet Out!

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