Salma Hayek’s Email Account Hacked

Everyday hackers from all over the world now have access to Salma Hayek’s email.

How? Apple’s MobileMe is as unsecure as it gets in the world of cyberspace simply because the password reset option in MobileMe is a dream come true for anyone looking to get inside someone’s private account

From Electronic Pulp

And just how was all of this information obtained in the first place? Pure guesswork and a bit of common sense. Apparently, a lot of celebrities have e-mail accounts in services like Apple’s MobileMe that are very close to their names. In this case, Salma Hayek translates to “shayek”, and with the suffix it becomes an Apple ID. This Apple ID is the username used to log into the account. The password wasn’t known before any of the hacking began, but that’s where the September 2 birthday and the term “frida” comes into play.

If the “hacker” – and I use that term very loosely here – simply chooses “forgot password,” MobileMe, like many web-based email applications, asks the user for his/her birthday for verification – this then leads to the user being asked for their predetermined secret question – for Hayek that question is, “favorite character?”

Anyone with access to Wikipedia has those two answers as Hayek’s birthdate is plain as day and the actress has made no secret of her love for everything Frida Kahlo – and starred in a movie based on the artist’s life.

So with a little creative thinking – you’ve got Salma Hayek’s mail. My only question after seeing a few of these screenshots is why isn’t Salma Hayek’s email much more beautiful then everyone else’s?


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