Sex Tapes, Lies, Weddings and ‘The Hills’

Sex tapes? Trampy bartenders? Attitude at Rolling Stone photo shoots? Is this ‘The Hills’ or ‘Sex, Lies and Videotape version 2.0’?

It was a change of scenery at Tuesday night’s Paley Fest ’09. Instead of the usual scripted fare, fans were treated to some behind-the-scenes scoops and spoilers for “The Hills.” So did the tight-lipped producers and cast members give us juicy tidbits?

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Oh, you know they did. The big slice of dirt came in the form of a sex-tape bombshell. Apparently, sometime this season Spencer will own up to starting the rumor that Lauren made inappropriate videos. Did he actually decide to man up? Or maybe he didn’t know he was being filmed. Our money’s on the latter.

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A couple of people were conspicuously absent during the panel. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were apparently too busy planning “a giant event” involving “a white dress” for this weekend. But everyone else was there: Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner, Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt.

With this being the last season for Lauren, will the show continue?

Maybe. The producers aren’t sure if there will be enough story to continue. They’re in talks with MTV at the moment.

What’s Lauren’s relationship like with Heidi now?

“We’re friendly,” Lauren said uncomfortably. “We had a really long phone call. She was like, ‘How have the past two years been?'” She added that the infamous Rolling Stones shoot was just a hot mess. They wouldn’t even look at each other and even had dividers up between their makeup tables. Harsh!

Can somebody please explain Spencer? What’s his deal?

According to his sister, Stephanie, he’s “a complex person.” That’s putting it lightly. She says they haven’t always gotten along, but that he has a good heart. After the snickering in the audience died down, she added that “he loves Heidi like no other.” Even more than he loves himself?

Brody, who was Spencer’s friend since high school, decided to stop being friends with him when Spencer gave him an ultimatum. “I chose the high road to be friends with Lauren,” Brody said. “I’ll never get that trust back.”

Why did they pick Lauren for the Laguna Beach spinoff show? Why not Kristen or Stephen?

“She was the perfect catalyst,” said executive producer Adam DeVillo. “Viewers related to her. She had a non-celebrity goal, unlike the other cast members of Laguna Beach. She wears her emotions on her face and not her sleeve.” Lauren added that she thought The Hills would get her away from all the LB drama. Backfired, did it?

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When did you all first realize the show was such a phenomenon?

“The Rolling Stone shoot. That’s when I thought ‘Really?!” said Whitney.

For Brody, it took a lot more to figure things out: “When they threw the final after party at a mansion… girls everywhere, helicopters going around, Usher was there. This was a big deal all of a sudden.”
Random Hills Tidbits:

Stacy the Bartender (you know, the chick who Spencer was shamelessly flirting with… which led to a lot of tears and a lot of punching) was not found on a casting call. She actually does work at The Dime and happened to be working the night Spencer came in. But that doesn’t mean we have to like her.

Audrina and Brody have some pretty heavy flirtation scenes coming up. They both said to “watch and see what happens”— which turned out to be the most-used phrase of the night. I THINK they want us to watch the show.

Justin Bobby is a hair stylist and literally had no interest in being famous. In fact, he was often caught trying to hide from the cameras. A true rarity in Hollywood.

-Producer Liz Gately had the quote of the night: “It’s an escape. These girls do talk about intelligent things like global warming. We just don’t show it on the show.”

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