Who Gives A Twit?

It’s all about networking on Twitter. This morning Perez Hilton welcomed The Hills’ Lauren Conrad to the twitter galaxy as she notched over 13k followers in 14 hours. And as soon as Miley Cyrus gets back from her promotional tour in Europe, she’s getting together with Heidi Montag. Miley’s twitting how much she “misses her mommy”, wants to move to Spain because they have cute guys and gave Nicole Richie her review on an overseas McDonald’s breakfast, “sausage biscuits come from heaven they r friggen awesome!” Sometimes we forget she’s just 16.

One rule on Twitter, know who you twit to. Plenty of imposters posing as celebrities in the twitterverse and they’re usually easy to spot. Unless you’re Denise Richards. Yesterday, trying to network with the A-List, Denise twitted twice to someone she thinks is Angelina Jolie. At 10PM Denise twitted the poser, “how do you do it with your beautiful kids? I have my hands full with 2..would love to see your home at mealtime…” One look at the twits posted by the imposter would have clued her in that this is not Angelina Jolie, “am definitely adopting a russian kid. mmmm borsch here i come!”

Umm, pretty sure that Brad doesn’t like borscht. I’m going to tweet a heads up to Denise while you enjoy some genuine tweets from the real deals…

George Stephanopoulos @9:44PM 4/22/09: Took long walk through Tehran park before bfast. Saw some fierce badminton games, elegant tai chi, and women jogging fully veiled. Dave Navarro @8:55 AM 4/23/09: I’m thinking that Nancy Pelosi was kind of a “looker” back in the day. Hoda Kotb @10:23AM 4/21/09: joy behar from the view was sitting directly behind me at bway show. i blocked her view. Jimmy Fallon @8:23AM 4/23/09: Paula Abdul’s American Idol contract is up this season and Paula was asked if she’ll return but she says ‘she doesn’t want to slur about it.’ Lisa Rinna @8:31PM 4/22/09: i was just scolded at wholefoods for having too much in my cart in the express line really?!! Jody Watley @ 8:45PM 4/22/09: always feels proud when i go into the market with my own bags, one of my small changes for the environment. Kevin Spacey @2:35PM 4/22/09: Gotta take a nap. Been going non stop all week. Penn Jillette @2:46 PM 4/22/09: All I can do is sit here at my computer, listening to the new Dylan,”Together Through Life” over and over, over and over. Breaks my heart. Rocco Dispirito @5:45PM 4/22/09: Time for another poll. What are your top 3 cant live without unhealthy dishes? Tony Robbins @ 8:58AM 4/22/09: Any Idiot can point out a problem …. A leader is willing to do something about it! Leaders Solve problems! Jessica Simpson @ 9:48AM 4/22/09: i don’t squat in the club unless i am peeing

Me neither, Jessica.

What do I give a Twit about? The drama on tonight’s brand new ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ the hysterical ‘South Park‘ season finale where Cartman wants to be a pirate, and Jennifer Beals guest starring on ‘Lie To Me.’

Tweet Out!

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