Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Smith Serves Up Some Supernatural-ness, Caprica Is Full of Frakkin’, and More

He has been legend. And a man in black. And a robot hater. And a hot shot alien-wasting fighter pilot. Now he’s got some small-screen business with the Sci Fi Channel. Also, reports are streaming in…….the Caprica pilot is a veritable frak-fest. Plus….will Scully maybe, possibly face off against Doctor Who? Perhaps? We want to believe, but…..

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There’s No Business Like……

THR’s Live Feed reported that Will Smith‘s production company, Overbrook Entertainment, is producing a movie would-be pilot entitled, “Unfinished Business” for the Sci Fi Channel. The story revolves around an ex-cop who starts channeling the memories of dead folk and then helps them wrap up their loose ends on earth (hence the title).

Seems unlikely that Smith would appear in front of the camera for this one, but even so, the residual glimmer of his behind-the-scenes star power still seems like enough to permeate this project with loads of potential.

Caprica: One Big Frak-fest

Ain’t It Cool News points us in the general direction of TV Week‘s coverage of the Caprica panel at PaleyFest, which included a screening of the pilot. Which apparently starts off with a bang… to speak. “Lots of sex, huge rave scene, orgies, a fight club, human sacrifice, more sex … and that’s just the first 20 minutes,” promises TV Week’s Daily Blink.

Which isn’t the worst way to stir interest in a fledgling franchise.

(And it seems the word “frak” has not yet earned its retirement, not even after its stint as the hardest-working and most overused expletive stunt double in television history. The word reportedly asserts itself on multiple occasions within the Caprica pilot. Alas.)


BBC America has announced that Primeval will return on May 16th – and with it come new cast members of both the human and dinosaur variety. Not only are we promised a new monster du jour as designed by a fan of the show, BUT those impish anomalies start spitting out “creatures steeped in ancient folklore,” in addition to the usual T-Rex yadda yadda.

Plus, the beasts from this fun franchise will loom even larger in 2010 – on the big screen. Warner Brothers and Impossible Pictures are producing a feature film based on the popular series.

Scully Crosses Over To The Dark Side. Possibly. Perhaps.

Sci Fi Wire reported on – but doesn’t think much of – rumors perpetuated by U.K. tabloid The Daily Express which suggest that Gillian Anderson (X-Files) might be cast as the sexy villainess The Rani in the new Matt-Smith-flavored Doctor Who. Maybe. But just for one (theoretical) episode, if that, teases The Telegraph.

The truth is out there…..but we might actually have to wait till we see Gillian on the small screen, performing some sort of act of mad scientist malfeasance upon the good Doctor, before we can truly believe it.

Spock Spooks Liv, and More Fringe Spoilers

Also at Sci Fi Wire, excellent teasers about what lies ahead for the rest of Fringe‘s kooky and spooky season. For starters, Olivia faces off against William Bell (as played by Leonard Nimoy, in case you’ve been living under a rock). And yes, that’s merely “for starters.” Executive producer Jeff Pinkner goes on to suggest that the question, “Is there only one Peter?” is apparently one that needs asking. And Walter apparently loses it. More so than usual.

Whoa now. If you’d written Fringe off based on its early episodes, it’s time to take another look. Because this show is bringin’ it.

Now, Even Lost’s Commercial Breaks Will Be “Perplexing”

And, per Live Feed, next week’s episode of Lost is supposed to be even more confounding than usual, what with those “perplexing snippets” for ABC’s pilot Flash Forward being unveiled during commercial breaks.

And that’s all they wrote….for this week, anyway.

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