‘American Idol’ Power Rankings: Top 5

Then there were five. (OK, eventually I had to use that line).

With Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai dumped last week by the ‘American Idol‘ voters, Matt Giraud is all of a sudden in the top five, and you’ve got to wonder what kind of a shake up would be created in the power rankings.

I can tell you now, not a whole lot changed. But the next week or two could have a big impact on where your favorites rank on the list. Keep reading to find out why.

Come back to find the power rankings every Friday afternoon, and feel free to spend the weekend telling me how wrong I am about my picks. If you agree, let me know that, too!

5. Matt Giraud (Last week: #6)
The man who would’ve been seventh can suddenly do no worse than fifth. How ’bout that? Matt needs to do something really special this week to survive another, though, as it’s getting down to crunch time.

4. Danny Gokey (Last week: #4)
Now that much of the dead weight is gone, look who’s suddenly second from the bottom in the power rankings. Danny has become a bore to watch, and it will be interesting to see if the voters will continue to push him in the coming weeks into the final, or if they will have finally had enough.

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3. Allison Iraheta (Last week: #3)
Allison is now the lone girl in the competition, and that should help her stick around at least another week. Still, there’s something about her that voters just aren’t loving, and she’ll have to overcome that if she expects to have a place in the final.

2. Kris Allen (Last week: #2)
Consider this a one-time favor to Adam Lambert fans, because after Kris’ performances the past two weeks, he was due to take the top spot in the power rankings. I’ll admit my fear of angry mobs helped keep Kris in second place this week. But if Kris can show for yet another week that he’s the real deal, brace yourselves for a shock in the rankings next week.

1. Adam Lambert (Last week: #1)
Adam gave another solid performance this week and probably deserves to stay on top. But he’ll soon have to prove he’s more than just a one-note performer, even if that one note is higher and stronger than most other singers can deliver.

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