Billy Bush’s Hot Five

(Editor’s Note: This the first in a weekly feature where Access Hollywood anchor and nationally syndicated radio host Billy Bush will pick five of the week’s hottest shows.)

Here is some good TV to tighten up on. A little of everything for you.

Keep up with the shows here on Fancast, and I’ll be talking about them as well as all the latest celebrity news on my nightly radio program, The Billy Bush Show.

  1. Private Practice: a love triangle that is so wrong, its right (at least for viewing). the first time Dr. Addison Montgomery behaved questionably she got adored and ultimately got her own show…will you still empathize with her when she’s lusting after the HUSBAND of the woman whose baby she’s DELIVERING! Crazy triangulation there. You’ve got Melrose Place kind of bad behavior but covered in reason and understandable cause and presented really well. The Writing! Katherine Heigle got some a couple Emmy’s ago for suggesting the material was perhaps “stickier” (my word) for others that time around…she was and is right. The writing is what has moved Private Practice from a “bubble” show to a show with an early pick-up from ABC (late last week) Click here to watch.
  2. Celebrity Apprentice: Melissa Rivers bails on her exit interview b/c she was so mad about the way she was treated by Brande and Annie Duke on the way out. And here melissa introduces me and other innocents to the term “whore pit vipers”. I say if you’re going to set fire to the building on the way out, who needs a rehashing? Melissa told me she did it for all the kids who’ve been picked on by the cool, popular “mean girls”…whatever the reason, this is high drama. Joan goes bonkers on Annie and Brande too. she calls poker players trash…this is wild stuff. Click here to watch.
  3. Southland: The boys respond to a dog-napping, murder and hate crime. Click here to watch.
  4. The Colbert Report: Current events – and comedy. Click here to watch.
  5. Real Housewives of New Jersey: Get acquainted with five strong women from the Garden State. Click here to watch.

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