Guide: This Week’s Best Of The TV Guest Stars

Don’t you just love spring? The flowers, the warmth, the television guest stars? No…don’t back up. You heard right. Spring means sweeps, and sweeps means big name guest stars, and jaw dropping season finales! This week kicks off the first major round of those all important episodes which you won’t want to miss. Like Georgina Sparks’ (aka Michelle Trachtenberg) highly anticipated return to Gossip Girl as a reformed version of her old self. I know, we can’t believe that either. This week alos sets up the LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell NCIS spin-off, and things are going to get animated for Ellen Page, who takes a visit to Springfield on The Simpsons, and The Hills’ Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge, who are about to meet a real Family Guy. Ahh spring!

Read on for your can’t miss TV schedule du jour:


How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8:30 pm) – Former All My Children star Rebecca Budig will play Holly, Ted’s new girlfriend, and rumor has it her role will set up a small tease as to who “Your Mother” may be. Hmmm…

CSI Miami (CBS, 10 pm) – Friday Night Lights star Adrianne Palicki is trading in Texas for Miami with this guest stint as a contestant on a Bachelor-esque competition where one of her romantic rivals ends up dead. A result of a retracted proposal gone bad, perhaps?

One Tree Hill (CW, 9 pm) – Nick Lachey will play himself (quite the acting stretch) in this episode after Haley writes a song for Nick’s new album. Hope it fares better than past songs…

Gossip Girl (CW, 8 pm) – Michelle Trachtenberg returns as a “saved” Georgina Sparks. Seriously?

Chuck (NBC, 8 pm) – Chevy Chase, Scott Bakula, Morgan Fairchild, and Tony Hale are all on board for this season finale episode where Chuck must save both Ellie’s life and her wedding day from Chevy Chase. And to top if off, could this be the last episode ever? Watch a behind the scenes preview of the episode here.


NCIS (CBS, 8 pm) – This is the first in a two-part episode that will set up the untitled NCIS spin-off starring Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J. They plays special agents in the LA based NCIS office and work with Gibbs and team to bring down a terrorist cell. Peter Cambor and Daniela Ruah also appear.

Law & Order: SVU (NBC, 10 pm) – Hilary Duff as an irresponsible, trashy young mother suspected of murdering her child. Lizzie Maguire would be appalled; way to break type Hil!


Rules of Engagement (CBS, 8 pm) – This episode, on a special night and time, features Arrested Development star Tony Hale as Steve, a friend of Audrey and Jeff’s going through a difficult divorce. Who deals with said difficult divorce by giving inappropriate hugs. No judging, break-ups are hard!

Criminal Minds (CBS, 9 pm) – Alex O’Loughlin may no longer play a vampire but he’s still a cold blooded killer in this guest role. One who sends hidden messages to the team asking for help to stop killing. Asking for help IS the first step after all.

CSI: New York (CBS, 10 pm) – Ed Asner guest stars as a clockmaker with a secret past. Because what clockmaker doesn’t have one? (duh – Heroes!) The episode centers on a murdered jewelry appraiser whose investigation leads back to the Holocaust.


30 Rock (NBC, 9:30 pm) – Steve Buscemi will return to 30 Rock over two episodes to help Jack search for his father. Elaine Stritch also returns as Jack’s “loving” mother.

My Name is Earl (NBC, 8 pm) – Geraldo Rivera joins Earl and friends in this two-part episode as a reporter for “News Probe” to investigate a missing person’s case. Watch a clip from the episode here.

Bones (Fox, 8 pm) – Brendan Fehr returns as Booth’s brother Jared who was dishonorably discharged from the Navy in this multi-episode arc. And he may end up being the third wheel who gets in the way of Booth and Brennan putting an end to their long standing sexual tension.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 9 pm) – Sharon Lawrence guest stars as Izzie’s long absent mother and is described as a “handful.” Jeff Perry also returns as Meredith and Lexie’s super reliable dad. Insert sarcasm here


Numb3rs (CBS, 10 pm) – John Rubinstein appears in this special, 100th episode of Numb3rs, as an amateur sleuth aiding in Charlie’s current investigation.

Dollhouse (Fox, 9 pm) – Keepin’ it in the family, Firefly star Alan Tudyk stops by Joss Whedon’s new show to play a dollhouse designer who finds himself the focus of Ballard’s investigation. Here’s to hoping Buffy will be the next Whedon alum to make a cameo.


Cold Case (CBS, 9 pm) – Music is a guest star in this special two-part episode. Sixteen Pearl Jam Hits will be featured as during final two “Cold Case” episodes of the season, where the team reinvestigates a 2005 murder. Daniel Baldwin also guest stars as an officer related to the investigation.

Family Guy (Fox, 9 pm) – Tonight has so many guest voices you may forget there’s a regular cast. Drew Barrymore voices Jillian, who breaks Brian’s heart. He then seeks comfort in the arms of Lauren Conrad, who plays herself, and Audrina Patridge, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon are all along for the ride.

The Simpsons (Fox, 8 pm) – Juno‘s Ellen Page gets animated as Alaska Nebraska, a teen pop sensation, who Lisa pretends to know to fit in at school. A good idea until she shows up.

Desperate Housewives (ABC, 9 pm) – Gale Harold returns as Susan’s love Jackson Braddock and he’s making up for lost time with a serious proposal. Yep, that kind of proposal.

And there you have it! Same time, same place next week for another run-down of that week’s guest stars!

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