‘Mad Men’ Returns In August

‘Man Men’ will return for season three in August, despite difficult contract negotiations.

TVGuide’s Mickey O’Conner reports that Lionsgate TV and creator/exec producer Matthew Weiner have finished ironing out the contract and the series is slated to make a comeback in the summer. But he warns not to expect quick plot answers: “Don’t expect tidy resolutions to the finale’s cliff-hangers — e.g., Peggy’s revelation to Pete, Betty’s pregnancy, Joan’s rape — since the show will most surely jump ahead in time again,” he says.

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He also adds, “Can you think of any 1960s historical events that might serve as a juicy metaphorical backdrop (as the Cuban Missile Crisis did in Season 2)? I can.”

‘Mad Men’ took home several Golden Globes and was nominated for 16 Emmy awards in 2008. They most recently won the best international show award at the 2009 BAFTAs.

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