New On DVD: American Dad, X-Men, Waltons, Little Dorrit

American Dad
With his doting wife, Francine, at his side, Stan Smith–CIA agent, anti-terror operative, and upstanding citizen–runs a household that includes his ultra-liberal daughter, Hayley; his dweeb son, Steve; a sarcastic alien named Roger; and a lascivious German goldfish, Klaus in ‘American Dad.’ In this fourth volume of episodes, the Smith family experience “The Most Adequate Christmas Ever,” go through a nasty “Spring Breakup,” celebrate a big birthday with “1600 Candles,” and ultimately “Escape from Pearl Bailey.” This collection includes the final eight episodes of season three (starting with “Christmas” and excluding “Frannie 911”) and the first six episodes of Season Four. Buy the DVD right here.

X-Men Marvel Comic Book Collection Volumes 1,2
Faithfully adapted from the Marvel comic books, this animated series brings the mutant team to life as never before, presenting the characters’ origins, battles, and storylines just as they were in the original material. Debuting in 1992, the show garnered quick acclaim for not shying away from social issues; its blend of smart story arcs and intriguing action helped set it apart from its Saturday morning brethren. This exciting volume features 16 episodes, including the two-part opener, “Night of the Sentinels.” Buy the DVD right here.

The Waltons
Telling the story of a large family living on Walton’s Mountain during the Great Depression, ‘The Waltons‘ tackled universal themes that continue to ring true to this day. The start of World War II plunged the family into new dilemmas as, like the rest of the nation, they watched their children go to war. Told from the perspective of John Boy, the show is a timeless work of entertainment. This ninth and final season brings the Walton boys back to their homestead, to reunite the former soldiers with their loving family as they discover their own destinies in post-war America. Buy the Season 9 DVD right here.

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Little Dorrit
After a long period abroad, Arthur Clennam (Matthew MacFadyen) returns to his mother’s house in London to discover a beautiful seamstresses living in his midst: Amy Dorrit. But who is she? As Clennam investigates Dorrit’s history, he discovers a past brimming with surprising secrets. Buy the DVD right here.

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