Who Gives A Twit?

Holy Twit! Nothing cooler in the Twitterverse than getting a killer tweet on the back from Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. It happened early Saturday morning. “Bob, new to your column,” he tweeted. “Just read some of the backlog. Very funny. I’m in.” Billy, we’re in as well. Check out Billy’s nationally syndicated daily radio show in addition to watching Access Hollywood. And readers, show Billy your twitter love and help keep my twit’ship (it’s the new bro’mance) going strong. Log onto twitter and start following Billy.

In other twit’ship news: T’weather man Sam Champion must have slept in today. Sam didn’t tweet “good morning” till 6:51 AM, by that that time weather rival Al Roker had already logged 22 tweets. Sam, the early tweeter gets the worm. Be your last name!

On Saturday night, Tyrese Gibson twitted this semi-disturbing news: “Wow!! Just got a confirmation for my Bowling Party tonight from The Octoplet Mom.” I hope he reserved 14 lanes for her.

One twit’ship I don’t see happening is between newly fired Apprentice Melissa Rivers, Joan Rivers and Annie Duke. Joan tweeted @8:18AM 4/27/09: “What I learned from Annie: you CAN be considered white trash even if you do have all your teeth.” Annie twitted this during the broadcast: “that is the first time I have ever been called a whore pit viper.” Ladies, can’t we all just tweet along?

Lastly, condolences to Ben Stiller who lost his pet fish, Otis, yesterday. “We left him in the bowl in case he was being dramatic,” Stiller tweeted. “However he’s still belly up this morning so on to the funeral I guess” Services will be held this morning in Ben’s bathroom.

And with that, the Twits just keep on comin’…

Anderson Cooper @10:51AM 4/27/09: If spring lasts longer than four hours immediately contact your doctor. Denis Leary @ 9:15AM 4/25/09: Susan Boyles got two eyebrows now instead of one! Seth Rogen @1:14 AM 4/26-09: lets be more like diddy and turn this into something positive & useful instead of just celebs talking about the size of their craps. Sarah Silverman @10:44PM 4/25/09: If you are using a beard trimmer on one, I really need it to be for your pubes. Larry King @7:20PM 4/24/09: I have no idea why the paparazzi follow me everyday. I am on TV every night! Martha Stewart @6:19AM 4/25/09: Off to a daffodil lunch. a daffodil lunch is an excuse to eat and look at someone’s daffodil display. Sara Gilbert @ 11:12PM 4/25/09: 11:11. I like times like that. Fell asleep at 930pm for about 15 minutes. Mistake. Snoop Dogg @11:48AM 4/26/09: wake n bake wit me yall! Tony Robbins @3:37AM 4/27/09: You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star. Paula Abdul @4:02PM 4/26/09: Getting fitted for the rest of my dresses for idol. Can believe there is only 4 weeks left!! Who do you think will go???

From what I’ve read in the papers Paula, It’s pretty safe to say it’s you.

What do I give a Twit about? I’m laughing at the new ‘Family Guy,’ the new ‘Simpsons‘ and I’m giving a look to Justin Timberlake’s new show, ‘The Phone.‘ Watch ’em all on Fancast.

Tweet out.

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