Who Gives A Twit?

If you tweet it, they will come. Yesterday I joked that weather swami Al Roker had tweeted into the double digits before cross town weather guru Sam Champion tweeted his first twit of the day. Sam & Al both gave me mad tweet props for the mention. Al Roker tweeted to his nation, “Bob Hellman, Love him” & Sam t’wote me that he laughed from the write-up. Both have a killer sense of humor and as we say in the cyber world, “? ur both kewl.” We like to take care of our friends, so watch Sam on ‘Good Morning America’ & follow him on twitter. Watch Al on ‘Today’ and follow him on twitter.

And speaking of following, Sam & Al, each boast over 13,000 followers and are separated by a mere 100. Let’s see how much of a dent you can all make; follow one or follow both. Update tomorrow. BTW, Sam did get the jump this morning and blasted out that first tweet a few minutes before Al hit send.

In Twit-movie news, Ryan Seacrest twitted that Michael Douglas is ready to start filming a sequel to ‘Wall Street‘. I just wonder if Wall Street will still be there when they start filming.

Today Brooke Burke is going to a “mommy-daughter breakfast this morning with Ali Landry, Lisa Leslie, Brandi Chastain and their girls.” WHERE!! Take a pic ladies, could be a good cover for a box of Wheaties.

Larry King twitted that he’s “heading to breakfast w usual crew – we solve all the world’s problems every morning in 1 hour!” Judging by the economy, I have a feeling Larry’s watch hasn’t worked in years.

At midnight, almost first lady and recently rumored steppin’ out gal, Cindy McCain twitted, “Hey mike send me your dad’s twitter.” No comment. OK, one comment. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

During his morning coffee, Pauly Shore twitted some vital career advice, “ALL I CAN SAY IS STAY FOCUED ON YOUR VISION…U R GONNA HEAR NO… ALL DAY LONG.” Trust Pauly, he’s heard “no” a lot.

Here’s your roundup of tweets for T’weesday…

Russell Simmons @ 11:52AM 4/27/09: Lots of meetings, Guys runnin for office, simmons jewelry, american classics, rushcard, and now rabbi sneir in lobby!! Deepak Chopra @10:01AM 4/27/09: Lecturing in Toronto. David Lynch @ 10:02AM 4/27/09: Still in Paris, with plans to go to Iceland. Joe Rogan @9:02AM 4/28/09: on CNN and someone just said, “Is Miss California the new Sarah Palin? Should she run for office?” WTF? Is life a parody? Joan Rivers @ 10:02AM 4/27/09: Last night’s episode reaffirmed what America has found out: Making money without honor is garbage. Annie Duke @7:45PM 4/27/09: Thanks Joan…insulting people for a living is much more honorable than playing poker for sure. I am going to change professions. Hoda Kotb @5:54AM 4/28/09: there is not one single rascal flatts song that i dont like. just downloaded “unstoppable” Dr. Phil @ 8:38AM 4/28/09: Is a controlling relative driving you crazy? Kevin Nealon @ 10:34PM 4/27/09: I’m gonna miss Bea Arthur. She was a good man. Dr. Drew Pinsky @9:40AM 4/27/09: BTW those who post complex questions…I can’t distill a year of treatment in to 140 characters. I wish I could. Michael Phelps @9:50 AM 4/27/09: Training today – GM to drop Pontiac and to cut 21,000 jobs!? Wow. We need more positive news! Anything positive to share?

Sure, how about the results of your drug test? Kidding. Now get back in the water my man and win us some more Olympic Gold!

What do I give a Twit about? I give a twit about the latest ‘CSI: Miami’ (I’m watching and wish I had Causo’s sunglasses), this week’s special 100th episode of ‘Lost’. Watch ’em with me, and this clip from the great movie I mentioned earlier, ‘Wall Street.

Tweet Out!!!!!!!!!

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