Simpsons Scoop! Maggie Speaks, Seth Rogen Gets Physical, And An Obama Script In The Works

The last time Maggie Simpson spoke on an episode of The Simpsons it was to say one word, “dada,” and the voice who uttered it belonged to Elizabeth Taylor. On the upcoming 20th season finale of the animated hit, Maggie will get vocal again with the help of another legendary actress: Jodie Foster. We caught up with series executive producer Al Jean to get the lowdown on the nature of Maggie’s shocking oration, as well as other scoop, like a script for the Obama family, and more details on the Seth Rogen-penned episode next fall!

Freedom Of Speech: According to Jean, the May 14th season finale will consist of multi-segments which parody four “powerful” women in history: Elizabeth I, Snow White, Lady Macbeth, and Ayn Rand. In the upcoming episode, the usually mute Maggie (as voiced by Foster) will deliver the famous courtroom speech at the end of Ayn Rand’s much-lauded novel, Fountainhead. [Simpsons trivia alert! In the episode “A Streetcar Named Marge,” Maggie is actually enrolled at the ‘Ayn Rand School For Tots.’] So does this mean the smallest Simpson will be given more speaking parts in the future? Not likely. “We’re not going to have her yapping every week,” Jean clarified. “You never heard Harpo Marx going on and on.” As for the choice to use Jodie Foster, Jean said it was quite simple: “We were just looking for a really terrific actress, and you can’t do better than Jodie Foster.”

Presidential Possibilities: As we previously reported, a script is currently in the works for President Obama and The First Lady Michelle Obama, the details of which, Jean said, are still being worked out. Although Jean claimed Simpsons writers have been turned down by every other U.S. president they’ve requested guest on the show, he still remains hopeful someone from the Obama camp will say yes. “This administration is so different from the other ones,” he said, adding “we have no idea if they’ll do it. If not,” he joked “we could always use the dog, Bo.”

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The Return Of Hathaway: In last week’s episode, “The Good, The Sad, And The Drugly,” Anne Hathaway starred as Bart’s do-gooder older girlfriend, Jenny, and apparently Hathaway made quite an impression on the Simpsons’ writing staff. “Everyone was blown away by how talented she is,” Jean confessed.” On that note, Hathaway will be returning to voice a “princess” working on The Krusty Show. And this time we’ll get a sampling of Hathaway’s impressive pipes. “You saw her on The Oscars. She can sing,” Jean said, adding “so she sings in this episode.” Could this be a recurring character for Hathaway? “We asked her to come back and I think she will,” said Jean.

Seth Rogen Gets In Shape: Funnyman Seth Rogen will star in the first episode of next season as Homer’s personal trainer. It’s an episode which Rogen himself wrote. According to Jean: “The Comic Book Guy creates a comic book. The hero is called Everyman, and he gets the power of any comic book he touches. So a Hollywood studio buys the rights, but the Comic Book Guy gets to decide who gets to play Everyman, and he chooses Homer, because he is an everyman. So Hollywood hires Seth Rogen, a personal trainer, to get Homer into shape because he’s too fat to be a movie star.” Sounds like a case of art imitating life…imitating art, as Rogen, who’s recently slimmed down for his upcoming role in The Green Hornet, could probably attest to!

What do you think? Excited by all of these big guest appearances? Who do you think has been the greatest guest so far? Be sure to check back next week for our Top 20 Best Simpsons Guest Stars list to celebrate the conclusion of the 20th season.

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